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Happy Holiday Contest

I love this time of the year! Merry Christmas! And if you have a different belief, then Happy Holidays!

There was a coupon in one of the circulars for $10 off! How neat is that? Then I read the fine print: excluding all jewelry items, all cosmetics, all on sale items, all clearance items, it listed all the brand names in clothes that I’m familiar with, all fragrances, all purses, all hats, all seasonal gifts…the list went on and on. Why didn’t they just put, excluding everything in the store?

I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping. I still need to buy my son’s present. Guys are so hard to shop for. He’s 33 and single.

And hubby, I want to get him something fun. Not an easy task. In fact, if you’ll tell me what you’re getting the men in your family for Christmas, I’ll put your name in a drawing for your pick of any of my books, backlist or current release. Excluding (grin) Bachelor Party. This was my very first book—a Precious Gem and I only have a few copies that I’m keeping. But all the others are fair game. So go for it! Has the man in your life been naughty? (Did you chuckle?) Or nice?

The rules and hints:
The gift has to be less than $100 so you can’t say a sports car.
Both my guys have a good sense of humor
They’re also competitive
I’ll pick three winners and announce it tomorrow morning so you have all day.

You can check my books out at http://www.authorkarenkelley.com

Best Wishes For A Happy Season!
Karen Kelley

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And the winner is…

Christy Haynes won the “big” prize… and I decided to pick two more names for small consolation prizes… Nichole Lupardus and Nicole Hulst.

I’ll let Christy tell you the contents of her “goody” box when it arrives.

Keep watching the blog/and or my website for new contests in 2006. I’ll do one contest in early January to celebrate my new book. Then at the end of January/first of February, I’ll have a “big” Valentine’s Day giveaway.

And don’t forget, other blog authors will be giving stuff away this month.

Happy Holidays!
Janice Maynard

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You’d Better Watch Out!

I thought we’d start out philosophical this morning… maybe analyze a popular Christmas song like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. I mean, really… what exactly are we watching out for??? And why can’t we cry if we feel like it??? Pouting??? Surely that’s a woman’s prerogative – right?

And “he sees you when you’re sleeping”… what kind of creepy red-suited guy IS Santa. Sheesh!

Ha! Enough of my silly mood… it’s raining here in Northeast Tennessee this morning and in the thirties… snow all around us. We may get some tonight.

I’m having one of those days where I have a million things to get done, and I’m having a hard time prioritizing. I woke up with my brain scattered. Some people would say that’s normal, but don’t believe them 🙂

1) I’m finishing off the last of some promo mailings for my January book. 2) My vacuum cleaner is on the fritz and needs to go to the shop. 3) I need to look at my Christmas list and make a plan to finish shopping. 4) My dh is home sick and is disturbing my usual peace and quiet. 5) I have to start wrapping pretty soon, or I’ll never get it all done. 6) Dh wants to go to a movie later today and keeps asking me to check the times online. 7) We have a small roof leak and are trying to decide if we have to re-roof the whole house (gulp). 8) And the list goes on…

Of course, I would much rather hang out online with you guys, and pretend that it’s VERY important to get this blog done. 🙂

I’m drawing a name for my contest winner tomorrow. Since I didn’t send this contest out to everyone on my website contact list, there are far fewer entries this time, so those of you who have put your name in the pot have pretty good odds. Anyone else who wants to enter needs to do so tomorrow before noon.

All in all, it’s a Monday… what can I say? We all have to survive them, and hope Tuesday comes along soon!

Stay warm, and don’t lose the holiday spirit. I have decided to smile at all the grumpy people I see this week. It can’t hurt…

Talk to you later,

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Janice’s Contest

I’m giving away a box full of goodies! I’ve been saving up for this, and I have lots of fun presents to brighten someone’s day. One item is for the Christmas season, so I’ll be drawing for my prize on December 6.

To enter, send me an e-mail at JESM13@aol.com. Put “December Contest” in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, list the names of the three novellas in Suite Fantasy. With each title, include the names of the hero and heroine. To do this, you will need to pop over to my website (www.janicemaynard.com) and read the three excerpts. (They aren’t long.) I think the first one does not mention the heroine by name – so I’ll give you a freebie. Her name is Katie. The other five names should all be there.

Make sure to include your name in the e-mail. Sometimes I can’t tell from the e-mail address who it is. Other than that, just be aware that our December contests are to reward people who take the time to stop by our blog and comment. So post away… 🙂

And by the way, Suite Fantasy technically has a January 3 release date, but I’m guessing it may show up in some stores earlier, maybe Christmas week. My editor sent me a single copy to look at, so I am still waiting on author copies. What fun!

Janice Maynard

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The authors of Vamps and Scamps are having one. And it’s ALLLLLLL for the readers of the blog.

We’ll be giving away gifts, one from each of us… and to different winners. So that means like six or seven or eight chances to win.

Ways to win…. participate… And by participating, I mean more than just a little one line Hello~ Talk to us, comment on the topic of the day, etc.

We’ll start drawing winners close to Christmas time, but the more you participate, the more likely you are to win.

Good luck!

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Having a contest….a Christmas one.

Just how well do you know my books…or maybe I should say the way my mind works?

Let’s have a contest to find out. Throughout the month of December, I’m holding a contest. If you win, you will win one of two prizes, Christmas Stockings… one with pressies for Nice Girls… and one with pressies for Naughty Girls. And yes, you can try for both, although I won’t give two prizes to the same person. But entering both ups your odds of winning. However, you CANNOT enter more than once. I’ll be watching the entries and if you enter more than once, your entries are disqualified. Have to be fair.

you can visit my website to skim my titles~ http://www.shilohwalker.com

For the Nice Girl contest~

Who is the ultimate nice girl from the books I’ve written? Yes…I do have a particular person in mind. She’s a heroine, not a secondary character. And I’ll even give you one more hint… she is NOT from an EC book.

To enter your guess, send an email here.

For the Naughty Girl contest~

Who is the ultimate naughty girl from the books I’ve written? And again… you have to guess the right one. She’s a heroine, not a secondary character. And this heroine IS from an EC book.

To enter your guess, send an email here.

**You MUST send separate emails for each guess. Please don’t send one email with both guesses inside. **

In early January, I’ll draw a winner from each one, a Naughty Girl and a Nice Girl. The prizes in the Naughty Girl stocking will be something fit for a naughty girl…not telling what! And the Nice Girl contest will be prizes fit for a Nice Girl.

Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!

Note:… I used the cover for Christmas Cara, but that isn’t by any means a hint. Cara is probably too sweet to be the naughty girl and she can’t be the nice girl either, since I already gave a hint that it wasn’t an EC book.

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