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After being sick going on close to two weeks, my brain is half dead. 😉 Yeah, yeah I know…what else is new. Normally, I can think of something to yak about for a paragraph or two, but-uh, I don’t wanna.

So here’s something easy~and since you’re reading this blog, chances are it’s something near and dear to your heart. Books & reading.

The past two days, the only reading I’ve done is my stuff~bleh. That’s work, not fun. Had to finish the copyedits for Hunting the Hunter. For my first mass market paperback, it was a lot less painful than I expected. Still made me a little nervous. OKAY… a LOT nervous. If I was a nail biter, I’d probably be in dire need of a manicure right now.

I keep promising myself a treat if I get enough done on my current deadline~my idea of treats is generally getting to read something. Sucks, but I read probably only a couple books a month anymore. I used to read a book a day.

So what was the last book you read?

What is the next book you plan to read?

The last book I read was last week~read Jude’s Law by Lori Foster. I picked it up in Cincinatti last month at the signing and I’m glad I did. Great book.

The next book I plan to read is going to be Lover Eternal by JR Ward. *G* I read it months ago~JR was nice enough to send me an ARC and I’ve read it probably a dozen times by now. But I still need to read the finished one, the one with the pretty shiny blue cover.

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My husband and I came dragging into the house at 3 this morning. The dog was really pissed off. Now that the kids are grown, she’s the little princess. My grandaughter let it slip that, “Momma said Sukie (the little princess) rules your house.”

Yeah, okay, I’m still wondering what her point was. Of course Sukie rules the house. She’s spoiled rotten. We know we’ve created a monster in the guise of a small Pekinese.

We keep dog food out for her all the time, but she gets ham and cheese every day for lunch and dinner and occassionally turkey bacon. She loves turkey bacon but will leave sausage in her bowl. Go figure.

If she gets upset with us, she lets us know by wetting in our bed. We’ve learned to cover it with a shower curtain if we go away for any length of time.

Leash=vet=shots. My husband and I are probably the only people in the world who dress in full body armor if we have to put a leash on our dog. She doesn’t like the leash and she lets us know by biting—usually us.

She used to chase the neighbor’s cat when the cat would get into our backyard, but the cat stopped running and Sukie isn’t brave enough to get too close.

But in the morning she wakes us up by laying her head on our face. Yes, it pretty much smothers us and she needs a bath really bad—the leash thing again. We’re not about to bathe her and taking her to the groomer requires The Leash. But she’s cute and adorable and loves us to distraction. I guess we’ll keep her.

So, do you have any funny or embarrassing pet stories? If so, now is the time to vent. I’ll listen—think of it as therapy. Oh, wow, I could start a whole new business—The Pet Owner Therapist. I couldn’t fix any problems but I would listen.
Have a Great day!
Karen Kelley

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As you guys know WILD RIDE comes out this week, my sexy anthology about Wild Ride Resort, an all inclusive playground for adults that’s sort of a Club Med meets Coney Island. The three stories are all set on the island resort but since I’ve had readers ask me for a single title but my editor likes this format for me, I decided to combine the two and weave the novellas together so that it reads more like a single title and yet you have the fun of mulitple characters and story lines… so I *hope* it is like having the best of both worlds.

So anyway I’m thinking that WILD RIDE is some of my steamiest stuff yet…pushing the emvelope with some sexy situations that include waterfalls, elevators and yes a rollercoaster in motion…. and yet there was a review (I know we always get hung up on the ones that are a little snarky) that said that my stories are about good midwestern folks and are warm at best instead of smokin’ hot like the cover implies….. okaaaaay. Of course I started questioning if my love scenes were hot enough for the erotic romance billing when it hit me that IMO hot does not mean raw language or crazy wild sex, but more how intensely the characters feel about each other…. in other words the emition in the sex scenes, not the sex itself. Sure in erotic romance the bedroom door needs to be wide open but I don’t think I need to use words or situations that are there merely for shock factor… am I right? Or is WILD RIDE not wild enough?

I know since the book just came out it’s hard for you guys to know if it is merely warm or hot but just makes a book hot? The review is over at www.likesbooks.com in case you are curious as to what all the review said. All in all the review was actually pretty nice and well done… I just think the reviewer didn’t get the type of heat she was expecting but of all things to critique about the book I thought I had the heat factor nailed…..LOL

What do you all think?

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