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How do you do what you do?

I just got back from lunch with a reader and a dear friend. We spent the time chatting about writing and they asked that question that always makes me think, shake my head, wonder at myself and think some more. It’s that “How do you do what you do?” thing and well, the honest answer is, “I don’t know.” Story ideas come to me all the time from everywhere and I’m not sure how I translate those ideas from thought to computer because to a certain extent…I think making books is like magic. Something if I think about too long, I might lose. LOL

This question really has meaning for the final book in my historical trilogy out in October. Well, because it was one of those books that got written in a fit of white lightening. I wrote the black moment in a 14 hour spate at the computer with two ten minute breaks for the bathroom. I don’t remember eating. Only drinking … lots of water. 57 pages later, I was sick to my stomach and feeling like I’d had a huge catharsis of the soul. But if you ask me how I did it…why that book got written in 30 days when others of similar length can take three months, or more…I have no answer. I simply don’t know.

I only know that the characters and their story remained my favorite I had written for two, maybe three years after (I wrote the book 5 years ago) and I’m really hoping readers see a glimmer of the magic I found in that book.

What book makes *you* feel like there must have been something magical about its creation?


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Whoever would have thought it? ;o)

I opened my inbox last night to find a memo from one of my publishers. I’ve got close to 30 ebooks… i think…with Ellora’s Cave and I’ve recently turned in another contemporary/light bondage type story.

I started out writing for EC purely by chance a few years ago. A book had come back from NYC with one of those pretty little rejection letters. It was around the time I’d discovered EC. I had bought a couple of their titles. The ones I remember reading were Marly’s Choice, by Lora Leigh and Captive Dreams by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside. Well, I was reading those books, had that rejection letter on my desk… and decided, I’m gonna rewrite that book for this company and see what happens.

What happened was sort of surprising. They wanted it. They’ve wanted lots and lots. I gave them lots and lots.

And now I’m in Spanish. Who would have thought it…

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Good Morning!
It’s still morning in Texas. The rain the last few days has been super!! We definitely needed it. I just recently mailed off my current wip. I love starting a new book. That means I have a little window where I can go shopping. LOL

We’re remodeling our junk room. When your kids are still at home, you have junk drawers, when they move out, you have junk rooms. Anyway, Karl put a laminate floor in–the kind that looks like old wood. Love it. I painted the walls and I’m doing an old world look over that. All you do is paint a light base color, then take small sections where you put on a darker color and pounce it off. It helps that we textured the walls a few years ago.

We bought new bedroom furniture. It’ll be delivered on Saturday. I’m so excited.

Change is good. It’s like rebirth and creates an energy inside of me. I think everyone should re-do a room at least every couple of years. Or just buy new dishes, or silverware.

So how do you feel about changing stuff up? What was the last thing you changed in your home/apartment and how did it make you feel?

Have fun with life!
Karen Kelley
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How can I go from trying to just add one itty bitty little thing to the blog to screwing up the whole frickin template?


So I had to redo the whole thing since I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. So I just gave us a Halloween-ish look for the next few months.

I love the image up top…found it at Graffix of Eden. She makes the most wonderful websets.

Have a guest blogger coming up next week… and you might be able to guess who….going by the cover. 😉 JR Ward will be joining us to talk about Lover Awakened and there might even be a prize.

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Do you believe in this stuff or not?
What about tarot cards?
Have you ever had any luck with them? What about a psychic?

I’m a Leo and they are strong and forceful and generally obnoxious and drive other signs of lesser obnoxiousness nuts. And I have to say this is pretty true for me. Ask my dh. I’m wound just a little tight, always charging ahead full steam and not having a million things going is just not my style.

I did the psychic thing once a loooong time ago, like when I was first married. The gal was a waitress at the restaurant were we dined and she said I’d have four kids, one a son and I’d write many books. Well dang, skippy, it all came true. How’d that happen?

Here’s my horoscope for today:

The desire for travel, perhaps to visit a friend who lives far away might come upon you, Dianne, and you might actually set the wheels in motion to make it happen. Social events could take up your time in the evening, and you could meet some interesting people. A friend might need a sympathetic ear, and today you’re especially sensitive to others, so be prepared to hear a sad story. Otherwise, your day should go well. Enjoy!

Okay, we’re planning a trip to Savannah on Thurs to take my daughter back to school. So, I guess that’s the trip part. The whole family gets together on Sunday here for dinner so I guess that’s the social part and my kids are very interesting. The sad story is my two daughters are leaving…one to Savannah and the other to Boston and that makes me sad beyond words. I suppose this horoscope is right on the money…or is it me making it work??

So, are you a believer in this stuff or not? Any weird experiences to report? Why or how do you think this works or doesn’t work?

Here’s the link for horoscopes to check yours out. Is it working for you or not?

I’m really curious!
Hugs, Dianne

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