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And the winner is…..


Traveler, if you can email me at shilohwalker@gmail.com ! I need your addy.

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Just a reminder… if you haven’t entered the scavenger hunt at www.aftermidnightfantasies.com … time is running out. Ten prizes in all.

Thirteen Things Left to Do Before Christmas

1…. Bake Cookies with the Kids.

2…. Wrap the presents BEFORE Christmas Eve.

3…. Take the kids to the zoo in Cincy or Indy to see the lights.

4…. Wrap the darn presents BEFORE Christmas Eve

5…. Make sure I’ve got batteries for all the presents and the camera.

6…. Wrap the frickin presents BEFORE Christmas Eve ( I know I didn’t buy THAT many)

7…. Remember the Christmas party at Church this coming Sunday.

8…. Wrap the presents BEFORE Christmas Eve and buy some drambuie to get me through the night, just in case I don’t wrap them ahead of time.

9…. Buy my dad’s present, and his girlfriend something. What do you buy for the dad’s girlfriend, anyway?

10. Wrap the presents BEFORE Christmas Eve ( are you seeing a theme here? I’m an excellent procrastinator)

11. Mail 1, 2, 3…maybe 4, okay no more than five more presents to friends.

12. Forget wrapping. I’m just throwing them in a pile on the floor. They’ll end up there anyway.

13. Buy the drambuie. Even if I don’t need it Christmas Eve, it will be nice to sit down and have a drink with the DH once everything is done and Santa and his elves have left.

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Needless to say, I’m a procrastinator of the highest caliber. I never remember to get things done on time and I don’t even remember to do lists. So I never remember what I wanted to buy. Nonetheless, I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year… and now time for the other contest.

I’m still getting the pressies together, but either next week or this week, I’m going to do a “favorite things” contest. As in… these are a few of my favorite things… Christmas-y. Sort of.

I’m taking a page out of PBW‘s book and giving away some of the books that I love above all others. Also some candy. A gift certificate or two. Not sure what else yet. Just have to wait and see.

But while I’m getting things together… what are some of your favorite things? Christmas or otherwise. I’ll draw a winner from comments today and give away a signed print book from my backlist, reader’s choice so long as it’s available to me!

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Are we having fun yet???? LOL December is crazy but I can’t help loving it. It has to be my favorite time of the year. I’ve been super busy with deadlines but I’ve taken the time to do some shopping. Word of caution—never go to the mall on a Saturday in mid-December. Bad mistake. I don’t guess I’ve ever done that before. I don’t think I ever will again LOL

Have y’all bought a lot of presents? I always think I’m finished but then see something my daughter will like (she’s so easy to buy for!). But then I have to buy something else for my son so I won’t feel guilty (he’s soooo hard to buy for!). Girls are just so much fun to buy for, though. Especially girly-girls.

I think I shop too much sometimes. Nah…….

Speaking of which–I have a cute little purse with bath products inside that I found at Kohl’s. I’ll add a book and a holiday candle for a little relaxation and it’ll go to one lucky winner, drawn at random from the list of comments today.

Happy Holiday!
Karen Kelley
Available Now! Hell On Wheels/Brava
Available Now! Texas Bad Boys/Brava
04/07 Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind/Brava

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Reality vs Fiction

Howdy, Peeps!

I write humorous type stories. The kind that makes you laugh and are good for a few hours of fun escape. If it’s go for the joke or go for the hankie…I always do joke. That’s what I write and that’s what I read.

But what about the non-humorous side of writing and I don’t mean the editors and agents part. How much reality do you really want in your romance books?

I’ve done cops and cowboys and lawyers and doctors and even did a wounded soldier coming home. But where’s the line?

I got this from RT and wanted to know your views. Would you read about people dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 or a family picking up the pieces after Hurricane Katrina? What about a story about a POW soldier who returns home from Iraq? Of the heroine who feels guilty because a fellow soldier she was serving with died in battle?

Are these too heavy or are they interesting? Too much like reading the front page of the newspaper or timely and current?

Would you buy the book?


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At least not according to a survey I read. It said that 30% of American men said they would break up with a woman solely for this reason…

They don’t like her pet!

I had to laugh at this because my new release, BIT THE JACKPOT, has a heroine with five pets- three dogs, two cats. Seamus, the hero, is a vampire, and doesn’t exactly hit it off with all of Cara’s fur babies. Have you ever ended a relationship because you couldn’t stand a pet? Did you issue a “Me or Fluffy” ultimatum? What was the final thing that sent you over the edge?

I think if I was truly interested in someone, I could deal with an obnoxious dog or a pet bunny with a smelly cage. I could even handle a tarantula. Just keep the lid on. 😉

To celebrate BIT THE JACKPOT hitting the shelves, I’ll choose a random winner from everyone who posts and send out a copy.

Happy Friday,

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Reminder about Christmas Contest

Thru one of my other websites, we’re running a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Chances to win one of ten prizes….

Christmas Contest
Scavenger Hunt

Running thru the month of December

Here’s your chance to win one of ten prizes.
Winning is easy. All you have to do is find the candy cane hidden on the participating author sites. Write down what page you found the candy cane on each author’s site and email the list to the contest coordinator. Ten winners will be drawn.

EXAMPLE: After Midnight Contest’s Page.
You can’t just put I found the candy cane on the After Midnight Site. We need to know where.

Email for the contest coordinatior (AMAContests@millenniumpromotion.com )

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Greetings, Scamps! I should probably come up with a scintillating topic for today’s blog, but to tell you the truth, I am pooped. Just got in last night from a nine day road/air trip, and I am staring at piles of luggage just waiting to be unpacked. But if I start unzipping suitcases, I’ll see the dirty laundry, and from there on out, it’s a downward spiral! 🙂

So instead, I’ll blog a bit…

My hubby had to go out west for some meetings, so I tagged along. His expenses were all covered, so I only had to buy my plane ticket and food. On Saturday the 25th, we drove to Cincinnati (you’ll see why later) and got a direct flight to Vegas. By the time we made it to our room, we were so tired. That three-hour time change meant the folks in Vegas were still partying when we were brushing our teeth and tumbling into bed.

The next day, we explored the small city with the big reputation. Visual overload everywhere you go! Ate lunch at one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants… rode the monorail from one end of town to the other… peeked in the lobby of some of the fancy hotels… saw a Cirque du Soleil show that night.

Monday morning we checked out and hit the road, driving north and east toward Utah. Passed through a corner of Arizona on the way. Arrived at Zion National park about 2:30. Now we are on Mountain time which is only 2 hours different from Tennessee.

My hiker husband wanted to get out and explore the park ASAP, so we put on our boots and headed up the Angels Landing trail. It is rated “strenuous”, and normally that word would make me say a big “no”, but he really wanted to do it. You hike two miles pretty much straight up with an altitude gain of 1500 feet. That’s the equivalent of a 150 story building!!

It was snowing and the wind was strong, but the views were phenomenal.

Got back down in time for dinner. His meeting started early the next morning. Tuesday was messy weather-wise, so I shopped a bit in the tiny town of Springdale at the park’s entrance. Wednesday was clear but cold. I stayed in the room until after lunch and then decided to do that same trail again. (Am I crazy, or what?!?!?) But it was so amazing, and with the sun out, I thought I could get better pictures. Unfortunately, the hike was just as hard as it was the first time.

The trail is wide and very safe, but there are sheer drop offs. I respect heights, but am not really scared by them, so I was okay. Although I did pass a handful of other hikers, there was plenty of solitude and stunning vistas. The valley is surrounded by massive peaks, and from the vantage point of the steep trail, it was almost like being in church. In this picture, I was sitting with my back against the cliff face and looking out over the valley. (In truth, I was trying to catch my breath for the rest of the climb!!)

Thursday the meetings ended at noon, and we headed back toward Vegas. Took a detour on the way so I could see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Way cool!

Checked in at the Holiday Inn Express and took a shuttle to the Mandalay Bay Hotel for a Brad Paisley concert. My dh is NOT a country music fan, but he loved it. Brad is a phenomenal guitarist and puts on a kick butt show. Terrific fun. (We bought tickets at the last minute and lucked into a couple of seats that were in “spittin’ distance” of good ole Brad.)

Up and out Friday to head to the airport…flew back to Cincinnati… losing three hours on the way.

Saturday, I was at the Barnes and Noble in Westchester for a booksigning with a bunch of other authors including LuAnn, Rosemary, Toni, Lori, Kay, Shiloh, J. C., and more. Great to see everybody!

Afterwards we caught a late afternoon matinee of The Santa Clause and had dinner at the Fish Market. Yum!

Sunday morning up bright and early to drive back to Knoxville. Stopped at our daughter’s house… she was having a Christmas open house, so we had some yummy food.

At last, drove the final two hours home and crashed here about 6:30 last night.

Now you can wee why the suitcases are still waiting to be unpacked.

I have to get myself in gear and clean up the debris so I can get the house in shape, decorate, and start wrapping.

I missed all you guys while I was gone! Glad to be back in my own bed!


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