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Spring Cleaning

It’s time to simplify my life and clean out some closets… I have a ton of other author’s books that I’ve accumulated at conferences and never had a chance to read. So I’ve decided to make the pile smaller by giving away a prize pack of books to one random person who posts here Friday or Saturday. Why hoard them when someone else can enjoy them, right? This will be a nice big box of romance novels by various authors for the lucky winner.

To be entered in the drawing all you have to do is post and tell me why you love romance novels. Easy!

I love reading and writing romances because I want a happily ever after, darn it. There is enough misery in the world that sometimes when I read I just want to escape that. I also appreciate the hope they offer that in the end everything will be okay.

I absolutely believe in true love. I believe in second chances. I believe in redemption, and the ability to change and grow. And I believe that what you give out, you get back. Romance has all of that, and I love it.

Have a great Friday and thanks for dropping by!

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This and that…

Spring has sprung! Yes, peeps, it is warm and sunny in east Tennessee today, and my yard is blooming all over. Found these two pretty flowers in a red wheelbarrow this weekend. 🙂

Busy times at our house… hubby and I are off to NYC this Thursday morning (returning next Tuesday). I’m attending a mini-conference Thursday through Saturday noon. The rest of the time my dh and I will be playing tourist in one of our favorite cities. I’ll blog about it in a couple of weeks.

We’re hoping to see a show, or maybe two. We love to try new restaurants, scope out special exhibits at the museums, and simply walk the streets and soak up the sights and sounds of the great city.

I’m looking forward to seeing my editor and my agent, plus will have a chance to meet some other editors as well. It will also be a chance to renew some old writer friendships and make some new ones.

Just for fun, I’ll bring back an inexpensive New York City souvenir for some lucky winner. I’ll draw a name at random from anyone who posts between now and tomorrow night. 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Even boring chores are a bit nicer when the sun is shining and it is warm outside!

Until later,
Janice Maynard

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This and That

I totally forgot I was blogging today.

So we’ll just do a hodge podge kind of thing.

Karen Scott is posting her results from her racism in publishing survey.

I’m still running the contest for Alison Kent’s The Perfect Stranger. And there’s the BOMContest running thru my blog as well.

Speaking of Alison Kent, she’s agreed to do an interview here on the blog and we’ll be posting that probably next week. I’ll try to remember to post ahead of time when I get a firm date. And…(pardon me while I have a fangirl moment… SQUEAL) Okay, that’s done. Lynn Viehl is doing an interview for us, too! For those who don’t know me, I’m a total groupie when it comes to anything written by Lynn Viehl, no matter what name she is writing under, SL Viehl, Lynn Viehl, Jessica Hall, Gena Hale… I love them all. But I promise I’ll try to let you all have a shot at asking her questions, too. No guarantees.

Spring Break is coming up here and next week, we’re heading to Gatlinburg for a few days. I love Gatlinburg, all the touristy trappy stuff, and I love the mountains. It’s been a while since we went and we haven’t gone any place that far away with the baby bratlet so this oughta be interesting. To say the least.

Had a few books out the past few weeks, released early but hey, I don’t care. I don’t see me hitting the best seller lists, so I don’t care if they hit the shelves early or not at this point. Hunters: Heart and Soul is selling at BN.com and Lover From Another World is selling at all the online places.

Okay… did I ramble on enough? Lol. Y’all have a good week…I gotta get to work!

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Oh, LORD! What a boring subject!!!! And what the hell do I know about technology—about enough to fill a thimble! I mean, my 12 year old granddaughter put up a MySpace for me in half a day and I’d been struggling for weeks! I still can’t get it to verify my address so if you friended me and then I ignored you that’s the reason. We’re going to San Antonio this weekend and I’ll get her to show me all the neat stuff and fix my little problem.

But what are they teaching these kids nowadays? When I was in school, you couldn’t even take typing until the 10th grade! There were no computers, either. God, I feel so old!

Well, actually I don’t. I still feel young–except that my knees pop and I can’t turn a cartwheel, but then I never could. I never managed a hula-hoop, either. Those were so frustrating!

I’m digressing.

Technology is so confusing. I’m thinking about taking a course–in something. Trial by error only creates more chaos and confusion and usually locks up my computer.

I just bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse. My hand will be halfway across the pad but the little arrow on the computer screen is still in the same spot. I’ve thought of many things I could do with the little mouse and not a one has to do with anything technical!

And another complaint I have is with Yahoo! It bounces me at least every couple of days. What’s going on???? Okay, do you want to vent today? Complain about anything and everything technical? Well here’s your chance to let it out!!! I will be able to feel your pain!!!!

Otherwise, have a good day and thanks for stopping by 🙂
Karen Kelley
04/07 Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind/Brava
Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!

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Alison Kent!

Hey guys!

Alison Kent is going to be joining us for the release of her upcoming book, The Perfect Stranger. Not sure of the day yet, but I’ll post it when I know.

Should be in the next week or two.

Hope you can join us~

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Only nine days to go!

Only nine days to go until Spring arrives! I can hardly wait!! This has been one long winter I won’t be sorry to see go…

Of course, I know that the calendar isn’t the last word. I was in Gatlinburg one year on April 2 when we had 24 inches of snow! But come March 21, I’m going to paint my toenails, pack away the coats, and hope for the best. 🙂

And while we’re on the topic of calendars… let’s talk about this nasty time change! My poor body can’t cope. I’m trying to make myself go to sleep at night, and then when the alarm goes off, I’m groggy and sleepy. I think we should “gain” an hour in the spring AND in the fall!! That’s my kind of time change. Of course, it would totally screw up the calendar, but it’s all about me – right??? Ha!

At the top of this blog, the pic of the day is Jake’s Creek Falls in the Smokies. We were hiking there this past Tuesday, and it was an absolutely perfect spring-like day.

So here’s the challenge – hunker down for the nine more official days of winter, and then no matter what the weather, ditch the parkas and gloves and celebrate the official start of spring!

Wishing you all warm sunshine, gentle breezes, and lovely April days.

Janice Maynard

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It’s a Job

I get some of the weirdest comments and questions when people hear that I write for a living. Some are just plain weird, some don’t make much sense, and some are downright freaky. Others are just kind of funny and then there are some that make me think.

Every once in a while, there’s the kind of question that makes me wish I never told anybody what I did for a living…like the bratlet’s school teacher. She found out and now she has me come in couple times a month to work with the kids on their writing assignments. Do you have any idea how hard it is to teach a seven year old how to halfway organize their thoughts for a one page writing assignment? Trust me. It’s not easy.

But the comment I hear the most is this one, or some variation of it… Wow, so you’re a writer, huh? That’s got to be interesting/fun/different/fill in the blank.

Here’s the thing. It’s a job. Fun? Well, sometimes. But then again, in my previous life, I worked as a pediatric nurse and working with kids can be lots of fun. Sometimes. Different? Weeeellllll….maybe, but I still have certain things that I have to do to keep my job. Meet deadlines. Get edits done, and speaking of edits, I’ve got the final edits on Hunter’s Salvation sitting by chair and waiting for me. I have bosses(editors, readers) sort of, that I have to satisfy otherwise I may not continue to work for them. Meaning I might not sell any more books.

Like any other job, it has its high points. Writing The End, or whatever I’m using to close a particular book, is always a high point. Getting pay checks can be, but since those are never the same, it can also be depressing. Signing a new contract? High point..but it can also be so fricking stressful, I wonder why I do this to myself. What if the book sucks? What if it stalls half way thru and I can’t fix it? What if it doesn’t make sense? WHAT IF NOBODY LIKES IT….

It has also has its low points. Like edits. Like getting stuck in the middle and trying to figure out where it went wrong. Waiting to hear back from editors, agents, waiting on cover art and stressing over said cover art, because what if it sucks? And if that’s not fun enough, try doing it while you’re working 40+ hours a week and trying to raise a family and still make time to see the DH and actually have some semblance of a life. I’m one of the lucky ones because I was able to kiss the dayjob bye bye almost three years ago. Lucky enough that I was able to give up a decent, steady paying job and write full time, but there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to say that in two years. Five years. Ten years. Stressing about that will put me in the dumps for a week, so I just try to focus on the here and now.

My job has it’s share of bad days. The characters won’t cooperate. Too many of them talking at once, or worse, none of them talking to me at all. For the most part, I’ve lucked out in the cover department but when you get a bad cover, it can ruin your entire day…week…and every time you look at the cover, you get a little depressed. Authors don’t always have much say in how a cover looks, so if it’s bad… you’re just stuck with it. For years. Seeing a review for a book you worked pretty damn hard on and watching it get trashed. It happens. It’s not much fun and as evidenced by some of the blog wars we’ve seen, some writers decided to let everybody in the known world know that they are not happy about the review and they are out for blood.

It also has its good days. Like an editor emailing you that they are going to be running some extra promo for your book. That’s always good. It means the editor believes in that book and they think its going to do well and they want to boost it all they can. You get an email from a reader who tells you that their book touched them-not just that they enjoyed it, but it actually touched them…they connected with the characters, they laughed, they cried and when the book was done, they went back and read it again just because they weren’t ready for the story to end.

But in the end…it is still a job. It’s not going to suit everybody and yes, it’s a job that not everybody can do. But you know what? That could be said for a lot of other jobs out there. I couldn’t ever be a teacher. I couldn’t be a firefighter. I wouldn’t make the best cop or the best lawyer. I can be a nurse and I can be a writer. I’m just glad I’m one of the lucky people out there that actually was able to choose which one I wanted the most…and make a living from it.

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