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Today’s interview is with Alison Kent and as always, the questions were ones I collected from readers.

V&S: What type of research did you have to do for your SG-5 series?

AK: That would depend on each book. For The Bane Affair, I did a lot of research into upstate New York, and had a reader tell me that she lived in the area and felt as if she was reading about her home turf. That was nice. I did the same for The Samms Agenda, learning about the Everglades and Miami.

For The Perfect Stranger, I had to figure helicopter speed, helicopter make/model, and flight time between the northern coast of South America to the U.S. I had maps of Mexico spread out while writing The McKenzie Artifact, and the same for West Texas when writing Larger Than Life. For LTL, I also read a lot about Warren Jeffs and his polygamous followers.

I also research weapons, and am lucky enough to have a source for computer information in both my husband and stepson. Sometimes it can be something as small as the abacus I put into the hands of the villain in The Bane Affair who also suffered from a disease I based on ALS. Once the research is done, I don’t mind taking literary license to fit the story!

V&S: Regarding the SG-5 series, are you sad to see the end of those Hunky guys? Are you going to do another similar series?

AK: I have 3 more books contracted with Brava, and 2 of those will be SG-5 related featuring Simon Baptiste and Finn McClain who both appeared in Deep Breath. After those two, I’m not sure if I’ll do a story for Gideon Martel (another operative who got screen time in Beyond a Shadow and was mentioned briefly in The Samms Agenda), or if I’ll do something new. I’ll figure that out (with the help of my editor) later this year!

V&S: As an avid (rabid?) fan, I’m wondering what role, if any, do your readers play in your writing? Do they motivate you? Drive you crazy? Do you remember comments they make about particular books and/or characters that inspire the molding or development of future books/characters?

AK: I love hearing from fans, but I can’t say I’ve changed anything or molded anything based on reader feedback. I did ask readers if they’d like to read about Finn or Simon next, but then since Simon’s story came to me first, I had to honor the muse! Still, I listen to all of the comments readers make, and probably at some subliminal level do stress the parts of the stories they’ve told me they like, and maybe back off on others!

V&S: What makes a scene sexy?

AK: The unknown. The tension. The waiting. I’ve read a couple of things lately that have just knocked my socks off and given me that bottom-dropped-out-of-the-stomach sensation. Love that!

V&S: What was the inspiration for the SG-5 series?

AK: Oh, the TV show Alias, totally! Fun adventure that’s so far out there it requires a huge suspension of disbelief. But that’s what’s so much fun, making it all about the characters even when the situations might seem implausible. My adventures are pure fantasy just as are vampires and werewolves!

V&S: What are you reading right now?

AK: I’m reading a Silhouette Desire by new author Tessa Radley. I’ll probably grab Holly Black’s Tithe next, then maybe Tami Hoag’s The Alibi Man. I read all over the place!

Thank you, Alison! Guys, Alison is going to drop by the blog at some point on Thursday, so if you have questions of your own…have at it!

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On thursday!


We’ll be posting questions selected by readers from the ScampsVampsandSpicyRomance loop and Alison will also drop by and maybe answer some questions from the blogger.

:o) Hope to see you.


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Stop the world and let me off!!!! It’s spinning around and around and I’m getting dizzy! LOL Have you ever been so busy that you met yourself going around a corner? It feels like that sometimes.

But it’s been such a fun month! And it’s barely started!!! I love when I have a new book coming out.

I’m chatting at Romance By The Blog tomorrow ( http://www.romancebytheblog.blogspot.com/ ). If you have time, stop by and say hi. Then tomorrow night I’m chatting at Fallen Angels at 8pm central http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/ and Thursday the vamps and scamps will be at Writer Space chatting. I don’t have the URL for that.

I broke down and went to the eye doctor. Never , ever pick out frames after the exam. My pupils were dilated to 10 times their normal size. I had to rely on Karl and the young girl to tell me they looked great. What was I thinking???? I mean really, Karl will go to town wearing paint splattered jeans and his favorite shirt used to read: If I throw a stick will you go away? It’s so old the letters are faded. When I mention this fact, he sniffs and tells me it smells okay. Sheesh!

I’m almost afraid to go pick up my glasses when they come in.

So, have you ever asked your husband/boyfriend for advice and then realized it wasn’t the wisest thing to do? LOL I can’t wait to read your answers!
Karen Kelley
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for a love scene.

In all the books I’ve written I can count on one hand the love scenes done in a bed. It’s not that I don’t like bedroom love scenes but they are usually planned events and my h and h are usually in an I-got-to-have-you-now situation. So, they never quite make it to bed. J

But sometimes they are in really unlikely situations and want to get it on and the question I have is, when can they and when is it out of the question?

I read a book once where they did the deed on horseback. Wow, not that’s talent! And I hear of that mile-high club and wonder how two people can ever fit in that little bathroom. And I don’t know about you but I can barely fit in an airplane seat much less get someone else in there with me. Then there’s the privacy issue. Most planes are a circus. Except now with no food they’re a hungry circus.

I had the h and h do the horizontal hula with her on a newel post, in a pilot house of a tugboat, the woods, hayloft, boathouse and the most unusual a rowboat. That was fun!

So, in the books you’ve read where are some of the most unusual places for love scenes? And are there any scenes that you thought…there is no flipping way they can do it there!

Have a great Sunday!
Hugs, Dianne

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