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Time for the Thursday Thirteen!

13 reasons why I shouldn’t have agreed to help out a friend

  1. When I go in to cover at the office, I always get stuck doing a to-do list. I hate to-do lists.
  2. I always end up with at least one super rude person on the phone.
  3. I always forget how to schedule appointments. I’m a nurse~I know patients. I don’t know scheduling programs.
  4. I never get any work done… MY work, that is.
  5. This coming weekend is the Lori Foster get together and I’ve already got enough to do without playing nurse.
  6. I attract obnoxious people. At a doctor’s office, I’m expected to be nice to them.
  7. I CAN’T SLEEP IN!!!!!
  8. I’m expected to dress semi professional. My idea of professional is jeans and a blazer. The doctors disagree.
  9. I gave away all my nursing uniforms so I’m stuck wearing said professional clothes.
  10. Did I mention I can’t sleep in?
  11. I could be working on my flower beds… if I hadn’t said yes.
  12. I have too much work to do to be working on anything but my books.
  13. I don’t get to do as many TTs as I’d like.

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Karl and I are notorious for getting lost. I had a booksigning in Dallas once so we left 3 hours early and barely got there on time. We are so directionally challenged.

We bought a Garmin Friday when we were in Wichita Falls. I told Karl I’d drive home, which is about 20 miles, while he did the initial hook up. I wanted to see how well it worked. So anyway, we get it all fixed up and we’re ready to use it. This is too cool. This really nice woman came over the little device and told me when to get off the highway, then she told me to turn onto the street that would take me home.

Except they closed off part of the street so it’s quicker to go another way. So I did.

Then this really snotty woman came over the Garmin and said “reconfiguring”. Then she told me to turn on Spring street, but I always turn on Crafton—-so I did. Then the snotty bitch said “reconfiguring” again. Karl asked if I was going to let her talk to me like that.

I gave her the finger.

Yeah, I’m one tough mama. LOL

As long as she gets me where I’m going, I don’t care that a computer generated voice gets pissed at me. I think this must be the revenge of the computer geeks. I can hear them now—yeah, if they screw up, lets tell them they screwed up. Even better if a man is driving! It will be worse than having his wife sitting in the passenger seat!

Seriously, I think we’re going to love the Garmin. I know I feel more confident about driving to one of the bigger towns now.

Thanks to everyone who ran out and bought a copy of Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind!!!! The feedback has been fantastic. I absolutely love writing Steamy, Sexy, Funny romances and I’m thrilled y’all like Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind. My next release is already up at Amazon and B&N. So cool seeing my books there. You can check out all my covers and excerpts at my website (listed below).

Have a great day!
Karen Kelley
Available Now!!! Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind/Brava
Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!
09/07 Double Dating With The Dead/Brava
09/07 The Morgue The Merrier anth/Zebra
10/07 I’m Your Santa anth/Brava

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And the winner is….


Stacy’s posted started out…

Hey Rachelle! Great interview :)God I wish I personally knew some sexy guys LOL.
Good luck with the contest.

Stacy, email me at shilohwalker@gmail.com so we can get you in touch with Rachelle for your prize.

More interviews coming up…We’ve talked with Meljean Brook, Dionne Galace (the infamous Bam for all you blog hoppers out there) and more.

Thank you!

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V&S: What did you think of your first RT?

Rachelle Chase: It was an awesome experience! I got to hang out with a lot of great authors, including one of my favorites, Robin Schone, as well as fellow SECRETS author, Calista Fox. Plus I met lots of wonderful readers, new authors, and got some great photos with the cover models.

And speaking of the models, I’ve just launched the SEX LOUNGE Finding Derek CONTEST (www.FindingDerek.com), which seeks the American male who most resembles the hero in my new erotic romance, SEX LOUNGE. So I’m hoping some of the models I met, as well as other hunky guys, will participate. So if you know any sexy guys, please send them over – or stop by, yourself, to enter to be a judge!

I needed a week to recover from RT when I got back home but I can’t wait for the next one …

V&S: Can you tell me about the Dreams & Desires anthology from Freya’s Bower?

Rachelle Chase: Dreams & Desires is an awesome anthology featuring short stories by Jenna Bayley-Burke, Faith Bicknell-Brown, Amanda Brice, Sela Carsen, Gemma Halliday, Candace Havens, Zinnia Hope, Jackie Kessler, Susan Lyons, Richelle Mead, Debbie Mumford, Rhonda Stapleton, Bebe Thomas, Emily Veinglory, Sasha White, Lois Winston, Shaunna Wolf, Kit Wylde, and myself.

The stories range from sweet to spicy. My story, “Romance For One,” about a woman dining alone at a restaurant who gets a pleasant – but unexpected – surprise, is in the spicy category. But here’s the best part: None of us, including the publisher, profit from the book. All proceeds from the book go to a battered women’s shelter in Florida!

V&S: I saw on your site that you’re going to be a guest author at the online Romance Writing Book Group @ BN.com. What’s this group about…who can come?

Rachelle Chase: Author Leigh Michaels hosts the book club. In her words, here are the details:

“The BN romance writing bookclub is open to everyone with an interest in romance novels – writers and readers. You can visit the site to get the gist of what’s going on, then register (all you need is an email address and a password, and it takes about 60 seconds to sign up) and then you can post and ask questions. Since the previous discussions remain on the site, new people can jump right in where we are, or go back through the previous discussions in whatever order they like. We encourage posting writing assignments and/or very short sections of a manuscript for reader feedback.

The book club has been operating since January, and every two weeks we focus on a different subject (but previous discussions remain on the site). So far we’ve talked about heroes and heroines, secondary characters, conflict, plotting, point of view, and dialogue. Right now we’re spending a couple of weeks with author Jenny Haddon, the president of the Romantic Novelists Association (the UK equivalent of RWA). She writes romance as Sophie Weston and has also written a new guide to punctuation, so we’re talking about mechanics right now.”

May 15, 2007 – May 28, 2007, I’ll be the guest and the subject will be love scenes and sensual tension. It should be great fun, so I hope everyone will join us!

V&S: If you could be any one of your characters, which one would you choose?

Rachelle Chase: Hmmm. I don’t think I’d actually want to be any of my characters, as they are all so very different from me but I think one of the ones I had a lot of fun creating was Nichole Simms in SEX LOUNGE. To take her from passively recording her sexual fantasies in a notebook about a sexy client named Derek to actively acting them out with him, once he finds the notebook, all the while keeping it believable and emotional and, eventually, leading to love … well, that was a challenge for me. One I totally enjoyed.

V&S: Can you give the readers an idea of what kind of stories you write?

Rachelle Chase: I was joking with a fellow writer the other day and said “I write Inspirational Erotic Romance” because, while my stories have very explicit sex and are very hot, I think they are tame in comparison to others out there. Meaning, I do not use exotic sexual positions, ménages, BDSM, polyamory, etc. There are many authors who can do this well, but I am not one of them.

Instead, I take everyday people who somehow find themselves in erotic situations. Like, Bobbie, in SIN CLUB, who thinks she’s doing a striptease for her boyfriend, only to discover it’s her neighbor she’s beckoned to her bed. Or Sharice, also in SIN CLUB, who thinks she’s called a guy she met outside a club, only to discover much later she’d misdialed.

Then, I mix in control issues and lots of internal conflict over what my characters thought they wanted vs. what they got, and weave in the external plot, all the while keeping the sexual tension high and consistent throughout the book.

That’s what I think a reader can expect when they pick up a Rachelle Chase book.

Shiloh, Vamps & Scamps, thanks so much for having me on your blog!

Thank YOU Rachelle!

FYI…Rachelle will be giving away a copy of Sex Lounge to somebody in the comments… so if you have questions or comments, post away. I’ll draw a winner sometime in the next few days.

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Good Morning!

I’m going to Scarborough Faire Sunday in McKinney, Texas. If you’ve never been to a Renaissance Faire and love that time period then you’ve been missing out. I love feeling as though I’m stepping back in time and all the little shops. Plus, I need a day away from the computer! And if there’s shopping involved, even better.

My signing check will be here this week. Yea! My credit card companies are going to hate me. I have an evil plan in the works. I’m going to pay them off this year, then get rid of all but two. I figured up what I pay in interest alone and I was shocked. I could almost make my monthly car payment for what I pay. That’s terrible! So that’s a new goal of mine.

I have a lot of goals. I lost thirty pounds and started feeling sassy and skinny! Oh, yeah! I’m one hot mama!!! Well, I was starting to think I was. Then my wonderful son and future d-i-l send me a dozen roses for mother’s day (and a box of candy!). I got all dressed up in a new black and white polkadot skirt and top and had Karl take my picture. In one, I sat in an antique red velvet chair, held the vase of flowers, and looked down upon them. A true Southern Belle.

Then Karl downloaded the pictures.

I looked like a huge banquet table draped in a polkadot tablecloth with flowers in the center. OHMYGOD!!! I deleted all the sitting down pictures. My sassy, hot mama feeling went out the window. I realized just because I felt better, I couldn’t slack up on watching what I eat and exercising. I still need to lose 100 pounds. My other goal.

I got my new title for my Feb. 2008 release. This is the second in my alien series. Another romantic comedy. It was titled The XXX Files. I was afraid it was a little too “hot” for marketing when I was told they were going to change it. So my editor calls me and says she has the new title. Drum roll~~~Cosmic Sex~~~ I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I do write hot love scenes so it fits.

But can you see me (I live in the Bible belt) at a signing and they announce it over the loudspeaker: Karen Kelley will be signing her new release, Cosmic Sex. That should prove interesting.

Okay, I have a book due next month so I’m off to immerse myself in a make-believe world. Oh, wait, I’m already there!

Karen Kelley
Available Now!!! Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind/Brava
Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!
09/07 Double Dating With The Dead/Brava
09/07 The Morgue The Merrier anth/Zebra
10/07 I’m Your Santa anth/Brava

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Moms who Read

Okay, this is a day late as I couldn’t get into blogger. My brain is mush! 🙂 Humm…wonder who taught James here how to read?? And look what he’s reading. 🙂
It’s Mother’s Day and we all owe our mom’s a ton for everything they’ve done for us. Some mom’s are better then others, of course, but all have some good qualities. And, I’m just willing but bet, since you all are here reading this, that your mom promoted reading in some way or another. You saw her read and you picked it up.

There are all kinds of reading. I never saw my mom read a book in her life, but she did read the newspaper front to back and memorized the stock market page…not that we ever had any stock. I ended up working in the market and have always, always read the newspaper.

As for me as a mom I didn’t read books a lot when the kids were little…didn’t have the time with four little ones running around the house. But then they got a bit older and I found a time. In fact, it was my oldest daughter, Emily, who got me reading romances. At thirteen she tossed me a dog-eared Harlequin and said read this. I can still remember it, Hard Bargain. Steamy stuff. Then she told me it had been passes around the eighth grade class as a “supplement” to their sex-ed class.

But the point is, my kids have always seen me reading something and since I was a teacher I taught them to read. Seemed much too important a task to leave to a teacher who may or may not be any good at this.

So, the question today is… What did/does your mother read? What do you remember seeing her read? And do you read the same thing? Is she the one who got you reading romance?

Have a great day and if you are lucky enough to still have you mom around, I’m jealous.

Hugs, Dianne

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As promised, today’s blog is a recap of my week at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention in Houston April 23-29. (For those of you wondering – Romantic Times is a magazine that does monthly reviews of ALL romance novels as well as romantic suspense, mystery, etc.).

I flew out on Monday and stayed for a couple of nights with friends. Got an insider’s tour of Houston, including a peek at Beyonce’s recording studio. My hosts took me to several fun restaurants inlcuding one in Galveston where we had blackened redfish topped with a crawfish cream sauce. Yum!

Tuesday I dashed over to do a workshop on plotting for the aspiring writers’ workshop which is an official “pre-conference” event. Wednesday afternoon I checked into the Hyatt downtown along with my rooomie LuAnn McLane. And from then on out it was go/go/go from morning until midnight!

Wednesday early evening there was a welcome reception with chips and salsa. Late evening, Ellora’s Cave ramped up the festivities with a party that included chocolate fondue and our first glimpse of the Ellora’s Cavemen, all of whom are buff and cute and funny. Some of them competed later in the week in the Mr. Romance cover pageant. Harlequin organizeded it last year, and the winner got a modeling contract to do a book cover. This year Dorchester Publishing is the sponsor.

Thursday was a full day… the Vamps and Scamps (Karen Kelley, Dianne Castell, Janice Maynard, Erin McCarthy, LuAnn McLane, and Kathy Love) stuffed one hundred cloth tote bags for the bookseller’s event we hosted Friday night. (We were sorry that Toni, Rosemary and Shiloh couldn’t come this year!) Erin and Kathy led an 80’s trivia workshop. We also went to a luncheon and later that night the dinner and fairy ball. Dressing up is optional… the crowd is about 50/50 on that point. Our own Miss LuAnn was sporting a pair of wings.

Friday morning the six of us presented a well-attended workshop for readers called “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”. Lots of laughter and high jinks. Dianne (aka Miss Kitty) was our moderator. We played games, snickered over LuAnn’s inflatable bull riding costume, and even though we couldn’t get Fabio, we had a surprise appearance by “Bobio” – “half the man for a quarter of the price”. 🙂

That evening was Heather Graham’s Wild Wild West play, dinner and dance… the six of us Scamps had to slip out to go get ready for our Midnight Temptations event for booksellers. Kathryn Falk herself dropped by along with others. We had goodies to eat and drink, door prizes, and of course, our chock-full goody bags to hand out. We did a sort of gypsy theme… I was wearing red lipstick, and when I did the red-eye adjustment on my camera, it made my lips black!! Not sure how to “undo” that odd effect!! Got in bed at 2AM Central that night. Yawn. Here’s hoping that RT gives us an earlier time slot next year, although everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Saturday is the huge book signing open to the public. I was sitting by Liz Maverick, as often happens with ABC order. 🙂

After the signing we grabbed a quick late lunch and put our feet up for a few minutes before the Mr. Romance Cover Model pageant at 5PM. It was a hoot… eight contestants, including one sort of honorary guy… his wife is a romance writer and he is leaving this week for his 5th deployment to Iraq.

The winner this year was Jason Santiago… and I just happened to snap a picture of him holding a copy of PLAY WITH ME at the booksigning earlier that day!

During part of the pageant, the men came out dressed as various Dorchester historical heroes. Travis Greiman, a crowd favorite, was dressed as a Scottish highlander. Two female volunteers, one of whom was the lovely Anna DeStefano, posed as models with the guys for some fictitious contemporary vignettes.

Toward the end, the military guy came out in full dress uniform carrying a bag. Anna was standing at the edge of the stage… she turns… they see each other… he drops his bag… and they run into each other’s arms as he returns from the war. Not a dry eye in the house, including the female emcee who had to be handed a jumbo box of kleenex.

It was a great event. Ended about seven… back to the room to freshen up, and then on to the Dorchester party at nine. This Saturday night party is always more casual and laid back. The eats were fresh fruit, warm pretzels, and popcorn. The DJ played rock and roll all night, and our bunch of women had a blast dancing the night away.

We snagged one of the pageant contestants, Christopher – a real sweetie, to pose for a picture with us.

Sunday morning it was off to the airport…

It was great to see Danny from Germany (Hi! Danny), Billie Jo Case and her sister Yvonne (see pic above), and so many other friends.

This was only my second RT, but like last year, I thought it was great fun. Even the most shy of women can find friends to hang out with, and the freebies (including tons of books) are super!

Looking forward to seeing some of you next year in Pittsburgh.

‘Til then
Janice (aka your roving reporter)

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I got home from RT Sunday afternoon. I kept dozing on the plane. The embarrassing kind of dozing where your head falls forward and you jerk it back up, but staying up for the Dorchester party was sooooo worth it. They know how to put on a party!!!!

I love RT. I always feel like it’s a bonding of women. There are no lines separating authors from readers when you’re on the dance floor. RT is exactly as it says–a celebration of women (and men) coming together to celebrate the romance genre.

The cover models aren’t bad, either. YES! I admit it—I drooled along with everyone else!!! And yes, I danced with Chris and had my picture taken with Travis and….okay, we won’t talk about that other little incident LOL

One of the highlights of RT for me is seeing old friends. Yeah, we talk on line but it isn’t the same as laughing your butt off with Billie Jo and her sister, Yvonne. Or Danny with her chocolate bar she gives me every year. German chocolate is soooo good! And all the new faces! New friends!

I debated on going next year–but after the first day, I knew I’d be at RT in 2008. I hope to see you there!
Karen Kelley
Available Now!!! Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind/Brava
Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!
09/07 Double Dating With The Dead/Brava
09/07 The Morgue The Merrier anth/Zebra
10/07 I’m Your Santa anth/Brava

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