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Beautiful Girl


This is coming out from Samhain in January… yeah, I know it’s still a few months off, but I wanted to show off the new cover.  It suits the book… very well.

and…. an excerpt!  UNEDITED….  shhhhhh….

The woman at his side, though, didn’t look a damn thing like Deedee Prescott.  Her hair was dark, nearly black.  It was hard to tell with the way she had it braided, but her hair looked straight as a pin, too.  Dee had the most beautiful, amazing blonde curls, curls that looked almost too perfect to be real.  A pale blonde that on most people, he’d say came out of a box, but he knew in detail just how natural a blonde she was. 

Deedee had dressed like the princess she was, wearing cute, flirty clothes that showcased her pinup girl body.The woman walked beside Vance had a weird goth/punk thing going on.  There was a black cord around her neck and Blake caught sight of something silver hanging from it.  The shirt she wore was form fitting, outlining a rather magnificent pair of breasts before disappearing into a pair of loose, almost baggy pants that she kept cinched around her waist with a wide belt. Thick soled boots completed the ensemble.

She looked like she was dressed to fight, Blake realized. Well, maybe not fight.  She didn’t look like she was out cruising for trouble, but she sure as hell looked like she was deal with it if it happened her way.  This dark haired woman carried herself with a tense, wary grace, like she was ready to defend herself or take off running. 

Like she’d had to do both in the past, and she was prepared to do either or both again.

The bell over the door chimed and Vance held the door open.  The woman stepped through and Blake almost turned away.  That wasn’t Deedee.  But then her eyes met his and his heart stopped.

Oh, shit.

Those pretty misty green eyes were unmistakable. He had dreamed about those eyes more times than he cared to remember. But her gaze wasn’t so soft now—hell, with the exception of the breasts straining under the thin cotton of her shirt, nothing about her looked soft.

She wasn’t just dressed to fight.  She was prepared to fight.

He’d been wrong.  That was Deedee, alright, but she’d changed.  The sweet, fun party girl she had been in high school was gone, long dead if the look in her eyes was any indication and the woman in front of him had nothing sweet or fun inside her.Something hard and cold settled inside him as he studied her.

The look in her eyes, unfortunately, wasn’t one he was unfamiliar with.  He knew it all too well.  Prescott was a small town in a small county, but it wasn’t Mayberry.  Bad shit happened here.  The average citizen could overlook it, many were probably unaware of it.  A man working for the sheriff’s office didn’t the luxury of not seeing it though.

The kind of things that caused the hardness he saw in Deedee’s eyes were the kind of things that made him hate his job. That look came from going through hell, kicking and screaming. 

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Kentucky Romance Day

I’m going to be signing at Jo Beth Booksellers in Lexington, KY this Saturday.

Details below!

Kentucky Romance Day

Join authors Anya Bast, Shiloh Walker, Toni Blake and Lora Leigh at

Jo-Beth Booksellers



161 Lexington Green Cir.
Lexington, KY 40503



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Trying new things…

Before I get into today’s blog topic, let me shout it from the rooftops… I have two books coming out October 2! I’ve never had that happen, so it’s kind of exciting.  🙂  The first is the re-issue (in mass market paperback) of the Christmas anthology A Very Merry Christmas.  The cover has glitter on it!  I’m like a little kid… love those sparklies.  This book came out last Christmas in the large trade-size paperback, so if you read it then, don’t buy it.  Unless you are feeling particularly generous and in the Christmas spirit… in which case, I say – go for it!  🙂

 The second release is one of my Elizabeth Scott titles (under a pseudonym) , “Spin the Bottle”.  This book makes my Janice books look like Little House on the Prairie.  Ha! Some people have asked me to explain the difference.  My Janice books could happen in real life.  My Elizabeth books might happen, but they are more in the realm of female sexual fantasy… and still with lots of romance.  It’s hot… I’m warning you.  But I’ve already gotten some nice reviews, so if you like erotic stuff that’s classy, but daring, this one’s for you.  Spin the Bottle is a fun book to read in the evening with your significant other (’nuff said).

And now for today’s topic – I joined a gym!!  No kidding, me – the uncoordinated, hates-to-sweat, non-athletic, girly girl joined a gym.

It is only nine minutes from my house (I timed it) and it is a lovely facility that has almost everything, including a big, comfy hot tub in the women’s locker room that will be especially nice this winter.

 I plunked down my credit card and joined for a year in advance.  I’m one of those people who if I pay for it, I’ll do it!  ‘Cause I hate wasting money.

Right now, I go on M-W-F… my workout takes about 45 minutes and the roundtrip drive is less than twenty, so I’m done in an hour.  My main reason for joining was that I wanted to work on upper body strength (of which I have none).  I do a circuit of seven machines, 12 reps each, and then I do them again.  Before and after I walk the track… which my knee seems to be tolerating fairly well.

The employees at the gym are super nice, and you see members of all ages.  I’ve already noticed a pattern to when some people are there.  One young man, about 32 or 33 I think, is maybe a war vet.  He’s missing an arm below the elbow, and his prosthesis has a special attachment that allows him to pick up large weights.  It makes me humble and reminds me not to be a wuss and quit.

I didn’t join with the intent of losing weight, though I had always heard people say that weight training is the best way for women to lose.  Believe me, in the past I have walked for six months at a time (very regularly) and not lost anything. But the biggest shock has been that I am suddenly dropping pounds… and not dieting.  It’s way cool, and I hope it keeps up.  I guess I’m revving my metabolism.  🙂

 So today’s question is – are you a workout freak??  Do you love to sweat and push youself?  What do you do to keep in shape – or do you??  And one last random thought – I heard a reminder on television this week… it said that walking a mile and running a mile burns exactly the same calories… so there’s really no excuse for any of us not to get out and be mobile!

I’ll draw two names from among the posters today to win an advance reading copy of my January release The Perfect Ten.  And I’ll draw two more names to win a copy of A Very Merry Christmas. (If you don’t want that one, you can mention in your post that you’ve already read it.)

That does it for me!  I’m off to the gym, and when I get back, I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Janice Maynard (aka Elizabeth Scott)

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Romance: Why, What & How

More specifically…

What kind of romance do you read?

Why do you read it?

How did you get started on it?

Now… if I can be really nosy…

What do you do for a living? How old are you?

How do you react to people when they comment about your reading choices?

Do you hide them and why?

For those wondering~ my answers are below.

What kind of romance do you read?

Pretty much everything except historicals & westerns.  On the rare moments I want a historical, it is usually because I want to re-read an old fave.  Westerns, like even less, although I don’t really know why.

Why do you read it?

I like a happy ever after.  I like reading about two people falling in love.  I love that journey.

How did you get started on it?

A long road trip to Florida with a grandma and an aunt and a cousin.  Only books they had were romances… and so romances were what I read.  Bad them~introducing me to Rosemary Rogers at age… 12?  I think.

What do you do for a living? How old are you?

Currently, a writer.  I’m also a nurse, a mother, a wife.  Very little irritates me as much as the knock against ‘bored’ housewives reading romance for kicks’ .  Obviously whoever says this has never BEEN a housewife.  It’s not as easy as they think.

I’m 31.

How do you react to people when they comment about your reading choices?

Don’t knock it until you try it.  If they persist, I ignore them.

Do you hide them and why?

Nope.  Why should I?

Okay… fess up!

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and we have a winner!

The winner of Patricia’s prize is…. drum roll please…


PamK commented

I thought that name sounded familiar I met you at the LF gettogether. your new book sounds great. Did you get to meet lots of hunky firefighters doing research for this book.

🙂  Pam, if you email me @ shilohwalker@gmail.com I’ll get you in touch with Patricia.

Patricia, thanks for joining us and everybody…thanks for stopping by.

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We have company today!On Fire Cover

Patricia Sargeant is joining us.  Man, that’s a niiiccceeee cover over there.

Patricia is a real sweetie.  I started running into her at book signings in Cincinnati about two years ago, give or take.  After the baby bratlet was born, the baby bratlet tried to adopt Patricia a few times.

She’ll pop in and out here at the blog for a day or two, so if you have any questions or comments…post away.


Shiloh, thank you so much for inviting me to be a guest on
the Vamps and Scamps blog. This is a great honor to me. I’ve been bragging to
friends. “I’m going to be a guest blogger over at Vamps and Scamps. You know,
the blog with Shiloh, Dianne, Kathy, Erin, LuAnne, Rosemary, Janice, Lucy, Toni
and Karen. We’re on a first-name basis. We’re cool like that.”

Thinking about the “Vamps” part of the “Vamps and Scamps” theme made me wonder what it would be like to live forever. What would eternity be like for me?

Wait! Wait! Before you switch URLs and log on to Running With Quills or even the Pink Ladies Blog ;), I promise this won’t be a discussion on existentialism or anything like that. I’m just not that deep. But surely I’m not the only one who’s wondered what immortality might be like?

I mean, if I were to live forever – or even another 100 years – would I still struggle with gaining then losing only to regain these same 30 pounds? Or would someone finally invent a tasty, sugar-free, fat-free Ho-Ho?

In 100 years, how many books will I have sold? Or would the voices in my head – my imaginary friends – have relocated to a house that gets dusted a bit more often?

But why would I need eternity to adopt a healthier lifestyle or start dusting? What’s holding me back from taking care of those things now – besides an obsession with Ho-Hos and an aversion to housework?

Are there things you’d like to get a handle on – changes you’d like to make – within the next 100 years or so? 😉 I’d be very interested to read about them.

Edited to add….

Patricia will be giving away a copy of her new release… On Fire. You can read about it here. Winner’s name will be drawn from the comments.  As always, you can comment as often as you like, but your name will only be entered into the drawing once.

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Tis almost the season!

Can you believe September is almost over?  It’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas!  LOL  I thought that would brighten your day.

I’m Your Santa is out and doing fantastic!  I consider it a priledge to be in a book with the fabulous Lori Foster and Dianne Castell.  They’re so cool.  I remember the first time Lori e-mailed me.  I was in shock.  A NYT‘s author was e-mailing ME!  I thought that was the coolest thing.  LOL  Still do. 

Okay, I just found an excerpt for my story, It’s A Wonderful Life, in the anthology so here goes—enjoy!

The roar of a motorcycle caught her attention, drawing her back to the present.  She swiveled her stool toward the door as the man on the cycle pulled under the awning of the burger shop.   “Someone passing through,” Kathy mumbled.  “I don’t know anyone in Two Creeks with a cycle besides my brother.” “Not just any cycle.  That’s a Harley.”  A big black Harley.  She sighed.  There was just something about a motorcycle that made her want to straddle the leather seat and feel all that power nestled between her legs. When she’d only mentioned that she’d like to have a motorcycle, her brother almost had a coronary.  Her sister-in-law had liked the idea.  But Wade had raised such a fuss that she’d given in and bought a cute little sports car instead.  Man, could it corner.  Not that she’d tell her brother. But this bike was sweet.  The guy getting off it wasn’t bad either.  She couldn’t see his face very well because of the dark sunglasses and helmet he wore.  But the black-leather pants and jacket were sinfully sexy.  The bad girl inside her emerged thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts.   Man, she really must be bored.  It was just like she’d told the people of Two Creeks at the last community meeting; they needed to bring in new business and more people or the town was going to die.   Point in fact, she was lusting over the stranger and he was probably ugly as sin… He removed his helmet and placed it on the back of his bike, then combed his fingers through thick black hair.  When he turned around, she got the full effect of him.  At least six foot two inches of pure male testosterone at it’s finest.   Her breath caught in her throat.  Everything about him was dark: his tan, the stubble of beard…his eyes.  He was hell on wheels and Bailey knew she’d burn for the kind of thoughts she was having.  Oh, baby, she could already feel the heat. “Nice package,” Kathy choked out. “You’re engaged.” “Am I?  To who?” “It’s whom and his name is Chad, remember him?” She sighed.  “Vaguely.” They looked at each other and chuckled. “Looks like the eye candy is hungry.  I’d love to be his next meal.  Maybe I have enough time to scribble my name on the menu.  TODAY’S SPECIAL: KATHY…NO CHARGE” “Shh,” she whispered.  “Just act natural.” “Then you think throwing myself at his feet would be a little too much?” Bailey smothered a laugh.  “Be good, and get me a soda—diet.” “I thought you had to get home?” She stuck her tongue out but quickly straightened in her seat as the bell jingled over the door.  She didn’t look toward it.  She didn’t have to.  Bailey felt him.  Her body tingled with awareness.  It was a sin for a man to look that damned sexy. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him slide onto a stool.  There were only two between them. “What’s good?” he asked, words raspy, rough.   She quickly took a drink of the soda Kathy handed her, hoping the cold drink would cool her down.  Didn’t work, darn it. Kathy leaned against the counter.  “I make a mean burger—best in town.”    Bailey swiveled slightly in her seat and studied him, then frowned.  He looked familiar.  Why did he look familiar?  Had she dreamed about him?  Maybe he was her soul mate.   If she believed in that sort of thing—and she didn’t.  But still…   “You remind me of someone…”  Her brow furrowed. He looked right at her and she almost had an orgasm.  His intense gaze stripped her clothes away as it meandered over her body.  Her nipples tightened.  Oh, man, he started an ache deep inside her.  She needed a fire extinguisher!   “Jeremy Hunter?” he supplied.  “I hear that a lot.” “Huh?” He grinned, as if he knew exactly the effect he had on her.  “People tell me I look like Jeremy Hunter, the actor.” She mentally shook her head to clear it, not sure exactly what had passed between them.  Yeah right, she knew exactly what had happened.  Testosterone had crashed into estrogen and there’d been a sexual explosion.   She drew in a deep breath.  “Except he has blue eyes and brown hair.”  She studied him—which wasn’t hard at all.  “And you have a thin scar down the side of your face.” “And the fact I’m not an actor,” he said.   She really liked the sound of his voice.  Listening to him talk was better than drinking a triple chocolate raspberry swirl. “You could be.”  Kathy blushed.  “I mean, you look like one.” “Except I’m not.” “So what do you do?” Bailey knew she was crossing the line from friendly to nosy but she couldn’t help herself.  She was curious.  Male stripper?  Yum, she could envision him slowly peeling off his clothes and… “I’m a preacher.” Bailey had the straw in her mouth but rather than sucking, she blew in it.  Her drink became Old Faithful as it bubbled over the top.   She quickly set it on the counter and looked at the biker.  “You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me.” She’d been lusting after a preacher!  Oh God, she was going to hell for sure.  She grimaced.  Had she just said freakin’?  This was so not her day. 

Karen Kelley 

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Hey guys… just got back from Eastern Kentucky and RAW 2007… the first, but hopefully not the last.  Had a blast.

Okay, drew a name for Marjorie’s contest and the winner is…

Billie Jo, who commented

Hi Ms. Liu,

I have to admit that I am new to you. I did pick up one of your books a few weeks ago, but have not had time to read it yet.

After reading your interview, I will be making time this weekend to do that.

I wish you loads of luck and look forward to reading your book.

Billie Jo

Billie Jo, I need you to email me at shilohwalker@gmail.com and put MARJORIE in the subject line.  I’ll get you in touch with Marjorie. 

Guys, thanks for coming buy.

Just as a gentle reminder… if you win and you want your prize, you do need to drop back by the blog.  That’s how you get in touch with us about claiming your goodies.

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Interview with Marjorie M. Liu

Vamps and Scamps Blog Interview with Marjorie M. Liu:

V&S: What were some of your favorite t.v. shows/cartoons growing up? Did any influence your imagination to write the wildly creative stories you come up with?

Marjorie M. Liu: Oh, my. I had (and still have) a serious love for TRANSFORMERS, THUNDERCATS, DANGER MOUSE, DIAPER BOY, GI JOE, and later, GARGOYLES. And while I can’t say for sure what influence those cartoons have had over me, I’m certain that there wasn’t any harm done to my imagination – or my love for the wild and crazy. It’s all good, man. My one regret is that I don’t see the same quality of animated television on the networks anymore.

V&S: Was there anything in particular that inspired the Dirk and Steele books?

Marjorie M. Liu: At its most basic level, TIGER EYE is what started it all, and that book began – as they usually do – with a first line that I could not turn away from. I wrote those words, and simply had to keep going – and going, and going – until a month later, I had a book. It was like my brain had caught on fire. I ate, breathed, and dreamed that book – with little thought to the future, or whether it would make a good series. Though, admittedly, at the end it did cross my mind, and I marketed it as such when I began submitting to the slush piles.

So, TIGER EYE was the root. But the inspiration for the entire series was the characters, the desire to explore the idea of family and trust and friendship, all of which are tremendously important to me.

V&S: What type of research have you done for your books?

Marjorie M. Liu: When it comes to researching settings, I’ve traveled a lot, which has helped in some instances, but in others, I rely heavily on interviews, books, local newspapers, the internet, documentaries, and so on. Every little bit helps when striving for the soul of a place. As for other types of research, I use the same strategy. You do the best you can.

V&S: What is one thing about you that surprises people?

Marjorie M. Liu: I’m the wrong person to ask! I’m the most boring person I know.

V&S: Name three books that you’ve read recently.

Marjorie M. Liu:

KILLING FLOOR by Lee Child (this is my third reading of that book)

HELL AND BACK by Frank Miller (second reading)

THE KNIFE THROWER by Steven Millhauser

V&S: Name three books that you want to read soon.

Marjorie M. Liu:

HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE by Diana Wynne Jones



V&S: I’ve heard you have a serious love for Wolverine. Is this true?

Marjorie M. Liu: Is that a trick question? Ha! Yes, Wolverine will always have a special place in my heart. Right alongside Batman, Superman, Captain Malcom Reynolds, Dr. Who, Vincent (from Beauty and the Beast), and many others.

V&S: What are you working on right now?

Marjorie M. Liu: THE IRON HUNT, which is the first book in my new Urban Fantasy series about a woman covered in living tattoos – her own demonic army. Set for release, I believe, in July 2008. You can find out more at my website.

Marjorie is giving away a Dirk & Steele tote bag. To enter, all you have to do is join in the conversation… FYI, comment as much and as often as you like, however, you’ll only be entered in the drawing once. Sadly, I feel the need to point out that wordpress does log IPs and that’s how your name will be drawn, so please don’t try posting under separate names. Yes, ladies, it’s sad, but it’s happened several times with my contests. Thanks for understanding! Contest will run from now until… oh… hmmmm… Sunday afternoon because I’m heading out of town.  Marjorie will try to drop by to ask questions, so ask away!~Shi

Marjorie, thanks for joining us and for offering such a cool prize. BTW, I just finished Tiger Eye and I can’t believe I waited so long to read it. Talk about… goooooooodddd…….

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And the winner is???


This is the cover of my July 2008 book!  I am so happy with it – I hope readers like it, too!

If you’re keeping up with the blog entries, you’ll remember that I promised to annouce the winner of my “48 book” prize today!  Several interesting observations from my end…

First of all – there were entries from all over the U.S., and many of them were brand new names to me!  Which is kind of cool, ’cause that means we have some “scamps” we didn’t even know about!

Lurking is fine, ladies… I do it myself when I am very busy.  But don’t be shy – post with us occasionally so we can get to know you!  It’s always fun to “see” a new face among us!

Secondly, most of you were very kind to give me your e-mail address, and I appreciate it!  I would love to send you the occasional newsletter, but I never add anyone’s name to my list without permission.  I only send about one newsletter per quarter, so I promise I won’t clutter up your mailbox.  But it you would like to hear from me now and then, please go to my website and add your e-mail to my newsletter.  I’d love to have you on board!

Another point to ponder… this was a snail mail contest, and surprise, surprise, there were only 14 entries!!!  Yep, you heard me – 14!  So the odds of winning were very high!  Next time there’s a snail mail contest, I urge everyone to enter, ’cause some people don’t take the time, and if you DO take the time, the winner could be YOU!

Of course, some folks didn’t enter this one because they may have already had most of the books I was giving away.

And now for the fun part… last night I numbered each of the entries.  Then I put little slips of paper with numbers on them into a hat and made my hubby draw one.  The winner is (drum roll please) – KAREN H. of Garner North Carolina!!  Congrats!!  For privacy reasons, I am not posting her last name here since I am mentioning her hometown.  Karen didn’t give me her e-mail addres, so I hope she is checking the blog today.  I have the heavy box all ready to mail, so expect it soon.

 Hope all of you have a great Monday and a good week in general.

 ‘Til next time,

Janice Maynard

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