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Hunter’s Edge

I’m feeling lazy today. It’s Spring Break, I’ve had edits, I’m working on two books, and there’s a third whispering to me, so instead of thinking up a blog post, I’m taking the easy way out and posting an excerpt from my upcoming Samhain book, Hunter’s Edge. Releases in ebook in May.



How fricking classic-a vampire sleeping the day away in a cemetery.

If he’d had much choice, he would have tried to find someplace else, but choices were limited. The trucker had left him just outside Greenburg a little before dawn and with the clock ticking, Kel went for the first secure place that he came across.

Instinct drove him to get closer to Angel, but he hadn’t known where to look. As dawn crept closer, he had to focus on finding someplace dark and solitary. The private mausoleums in the old Greenburg Cemetery definitely fit that description.

He’d banked on being able to get into one of the older ones that didn’t get visits often and he’d been right. The one he’d selected had none of the stained glass windows and a recessed doorway.

Inside, with the door closed, it had been as dark as a tomb, just the thinnest sliver of pre-dawn light visible under the door itself.

As sweet, safe darkness wrapped around him, it took everything he had just to stumble away from the door and get one of the freestanding vaults inside the crypt between him and the door as an extra precaution.

Kel didn’t even remember getting horizontal. As enraged and scared and worried as he was, he’d thought sleep would elude him but it didn’t, hitting him hard and fast.

Normally Kel only needed four or five hours of sleep, but by the time he came awake a little before dusk, he’d been out for probably twelve hours.

The setting sun had kept him prisoner within the small crypt for a while longer. He shrugged out of his jacket long enough to pull on a T-shirt that he’d ‘borrowed’ from the trucker earlier. Killed a bit of time pacing endlessly up and down the stone floor.

Finally the sun set. His body recognized the moment it was safe. He slipped out of the musty, confining crypt with the sure and certain knowledge that he was glad his body wasn’t going to end up in some quiet, private resting place for all eternity. When he did die, he’d be burned and that suited him just fine.

Outside in the cool night air, he lifted his head and breathed in, letting the air wash over and through him, sweeping away the stink of decay.

The sound of a truck moving over the road had him retreating and swearing. It wasn’t that late yet, probably only around seven and he sure as hell didn’t need anybody seeing him here. Greenburg was a small town and Kel knew for a fact his face hadn’t changed a bit since he’d lived here.

He slipped into the tree line, his mind focused on finding Angel. But something, he couldn’t even explain what, stopped him. Physically stopped him. He couldn’t take another step away and everything inside him urged him to turn around. Unable to deny it, he turned and his eyes sought out the truck creeping along one of the cemetery paths.

It was a beat-up old Ford and even with his eyesight, he couldn’t quite see through the windows. But he knew.

Somewhere inside him, without even seeing her, he knew. He slipped forward, just where the trees gave way to grass and there, he crouched, one hand resting on the trunk of the tree, the other clutching the ring at his neck.

Hiding in the shadows, he watched, spellbound, as the truck came to a stop and the door opened. There was a fist wrapped around his throat, around his heart, and it wasn’t going to ease up any time soon.

It was her.





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Rites of Spring…

webdaff.jpgAccording to the calendar, Spring slipped in unnoticed last Thursday.  But since it is snowing here in northeast Tennessee today, I am not impressed!

My yard is full of pretty flowers struggling to survive the cold temps, and the sky is gray.  This past weekend, however, I did indeed participate in two of the time-honored rites of Spring… egg dyeing and kite flying.

The former was a bit messy, but produced satisfactory results in nice pastel hues.  The latter was a wind-blown success in a field of stubbly tall grass.

My son-in-law had forgotten how much he loved flying kites.  When the little ones were ready to go home, we had to drag their dad away from the hilltop and back to reality.  The two-year-old got a kick out of holding the string and feeling the tug of the wind.  But it was even more fun when she discovered that she could “let go” of the kite and make dad or granddad run across the field to catch the string.

Kite flying and egg dyeing require patience and perseverance… not bad traits to for any of us to learn.  But best of all is the chance to rediscover the innocent delight of childhood and the reminder that the best things in life really are free…

 Happy Spring to all of you!  And here’s hoping that the snow will soon give way to sunny warm days and romantic nights.

Janice Maynard

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Good Morning,
I hope everyone is enjoying spring break.  We’re taking off tomorrow for our daughter’s since her birthday is next week, too.  I’m running around like a crazy woman trying to do 1001 different things. 
I woke up this morning and thought I had some kind of horrible disease.  I absolutely could not open my eyes.  I struggled for a few seconds and finally managed to get them open.  That’s when I realized I hadn’t removed my make-up.  Okay, note to self, less mascara.  Y’all ever done that? 
We picked up the DVD’s yesterday of our son’s wedding.  Karl and I cozied up on the sofa to watch it.  I cried again.  All our attention was on the bride and groom.  After the ceremony, the movie continued with the reception.  The first dance…awwww….cutting the cake….awwww….then everyone began to dance. Karl and I began to chuckle as we saw this really large woman dancing with this little dried up old man.  Well, until the camera went in for a close-up and we realized we were laughing at ourselves. 
It was so not funny.  Okay, maybe a little funny. 
When I look in the mirror I feel pretty good about myself–most people do, I think. Then we see ourselves on film and all our imperfections. Bleh! 
As our son’s best man said, Jodie didn’t marry Billy for his fame and fortune because he doesn’t have either one, or his sexy physique (he’s gained a little weight).  She didn’t marry him because of all the wrong reasons, she married him for all the right reasons.  She married him because he has a big heart and she knows no matter what, he’ll always be there for her.  
Our imperfections are what make us who we are.  Yes, I really need to lose weight.  It would be nice if Karl didn’t have rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 25.  But you know, as we kept watching each other, we also saw the love on our face and that’s what life is all about.  Loving each other for who we are and not what we want someone to be. 
Karen Kelley
Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind
Romantic Times Reviewer Choice Award finalist!
Cosmic Sex   January 29, 2008   Brava

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Why ebooks?

Over at my personal blog, I’m having an ebook giveaway this week. There’s still 3-4 more days worth of prizes going on, so make sure you check it out.

But for those of you wondering… why ebooks? My DH tells me I always love to answer questions with questions, so here my answer…why not?


See my pretty new toy? It’s the Sony Reader. It’s wonderful. Why? Because this baby can store 160 books. There is no backlight so for all those people who hate reading on screen because of the glare? No glare. You can change the font size from small to medium from large. You can store pictures on it. Music. The battery last forever. Okay. Not forever, but the battery power is only used when you turn a page and it has enough juice in one charge to last 7500 page turns. With a memory card, you can store probably 1000 books~depending on the card size and the book’s file size, but trust me, it’s a lot. You can buy books from most of the major epubs, from the Sony ebook store, from sites like All Romance Ebooks and Diesel ebooks. If you’re anything like me, you’ll load the card up with plenty of unread books or faves, so all sorts of reading material at your fingertips. No running out of reading material if you finish one book and don’t have another handy while you’re at the doctor’s or at the YMCA.

Ebooks are becoming more widely read, but the market is still so new. A lot of people look at ebooks and think there’s no way they’d give up the pleasure of having a book in hand. I certainly love having my print books. But there’s a convenience to the ebook reader that is unparalleled. No waiting until morning to get to the book store to buy a book a friend online recommended, not if there’s an ebook version.

Ebooks aren’t going to appeal to everybody, but I think if people in general gave them a chance, a lot of them would be pleasantly surprised.

Thus the ebook giveaway over at my blog. Make sure you check it out.

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The “Un” – Blog

Sorry, Peeps – It’s been one of those Mondays…  and I didn’t get a blog written today.  So in honor of my “un” blog I’m going to let you guys vie for a small prize….

Simply post any piece of trivia – such as that the fact the only bachelor president in US history was James Buchanan.

 I won’t be picky – any piece of trivia counts.

 I’ll draw a name and the winner will receive a black Harlequin/Nascar card wallet.  It will hold business cards or credit cards in your purse!

That’s all there is to it!

 Janice  🙂

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Twelve reasons why I had to cancel a booksigning today. It’s 2-3 hours away, depending on traffic.

Today, it would probably 4-6 hours. That’s assuming I could get off my road and out to the main road. The roads are actually getting plowed (that doesn’t happen on my street very often because we live in the county~the city ignores us most of the time).

So twelve reasons…or rather, 12-24 inch snowdrifts, a good 8 inches on the ground, a road that was just plowed and it’s already white again.

I think the best course of action is to stay inside, make some soup and drink hot chocolate.



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Everyone has deadlines.  Deadlines at work, deadlines at home (deadlines, not deadbeats–then again, maybe you have both). 

I just finished a deadline.  My book goes in the mail this morning.  Yea!  I always get an adrenaline rush when I meet my deadline.  Also knowing I’ll get a paycheck soon is nice, too.

 I joined a gym.  Actually, it’s free for 4 more weeks.  I’m doing all the water stuff.  I hate working out.  But I love the water.  I worked out for 2 hours yesterday using these Styrofoam weights.  They’re light—until you get them in the water.  My arms are so sore this morning, but I had so much fun.  I may have found something I can stick with.  We’ll see. 

I’m going shopping this morning to finish buying wedding stuff.  Our son is getting married this Saturday.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s this Saturday!  I’m so excited for them both.  They make a great couple. 

 I’m braindead.  That happens after a deadline, too.  So, I off to do a little mindless shopping.

Have fun today!


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