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Good Morning!
I have been up since 5 and I still haven’t gotten anything accomplished. Well, I did get Karl off to work by 6. Really, when I think about it like that, I’ve only been at my computer for an hour and a half. I like that much better.
I always thought how nice it would be to live the life of a writer. Wake up late every morning. Write a few pages, dust–maybe, shop, leisurely days sitting on the back porch…..
I woke up at 4:30 and my first thought was that Rianna, who is only a secondary character is not exotic. I have her wearing this beautiful white dress with slits up each side. Even though she is only a minor character, I cannot force her to be something she’s not. She’s a Bud Lite in the bottle, boot scootin’ Texas gal who just happens to be a buyer of sexy lingerie and a friend to my heroine. So, those were my first thoughts this morning.
Karl’s alarm went off at 5, so I covertly leaned over and walked my fingers up his back. I told him it was a spider. He didn’t believe me so I got up and started the coffee and began putting his lunch together. He left the house at 6 and I came to the computer. I answered e-mails from friends, sent some contest info to the Dara newsletter, did some more business.
I have to update my MySpace page, Access Romance and send my webmistress an excerpt of The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy. I need to talk with a bookseller in Denton who wanted me to do a talk and a booksigning and I need to set up another one with an area store. I need to pull my newsletter together (I’ll be doing a contest) and get it ready to send out.
I get requests for something every day, things I have to respond to, new proposals that need to be written, promotion that has to be done months in advance…
Okay, so it’s not lazy days, but man, I love it! There’s nothing more rewarding then doing something you love.
I got copies of Temperature’s Rising the other day. Make a comment and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of the mass market reprint of Temperature’s Rising. I’ll post the winners in the comment section and on my blog tomorrow.
Good Luck!
Karen Kelley
Cosmic Sex January 29, 2008 Brava
The Power of Love anth/Berkley June 3, 2008
Reissue Mass Market Temperature’s Rising June 3, 2008
The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy July 2008 Brava

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It’s a hodge-podge sort of day.

I’m getting ready for the release of Through the Veil, setting up contests. guest blogs, interviews and other forms of madness. I also had some ebooks out in May-so weirdness there, and an excerpt below.

So far, I’ve got several different ‘stops’ planned on a little whirlwind virtual book tour I’m doing. They include….

Yes. All of this was very, very last minute. *G* My specialty. You can find me at these places if you really want to spend time in my weird presence. 😉 And it’s possible there are a couple of others. But my brain has gone to mush. Two ebooks out this month, the baby bratlet turns two next month, a release next month, finishing up two books and a novella this month, not to mention school lets out, something going on family-wise (no emergency, but still….)

Oye. I’ll be surprised if I’m even coherent.

Anyway. Onto the Excerpts!

PhotobucketHunter’s Edge

Some love can last a lifetime—their love was destined to last longer.

Angel’s first words to Kel were I’m going to marry you. She was seven at the time. He was eight. And he didn’t laugh when she spoke the words.

Best friends as children, lovers as young adults, they had an unexplainable bond. Their future looked set. Until the night they were attacked by a creature that couldn’t exist.

Angel survived the attack—barely. But Kel didn’t. Or at least, nobody thought he did. His body was never found and Angel’s life would never be the same.

The attack might not have killed Kel’s body, but it sure as hell killed his heart. Twelve years later, there’s one part of his former life that he can’t move past. Angel. He can’t let her go, but he can’t have her either. She doesn’t even realize he is still alive.

But when a threat surfaces, Kel’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect Angel. Even if it drives them both to the edge of insanity and back.

Warning: Some violence. Some sex. Some bloody violence. Even a little bit of bloody sex. Not all of the sex is between the hero and the heroine, even though every time that happens, the hero closes his eyes and thinks of England Angel. Not exactly a traditional romance, but I promise it does end HEA.



Kel felt something moving in there.

Something living and hungry…

His skin crawled.

Foreboding choked him.

The scent of blood and pain colored the air around him in vivid, dark shades. The scent of blood didn’t call to him at all, the stink of fear and pain drowning out what might have once been appealing.

Under the sour, bitter stench of violence, there was something disturbingly, distressingly familiar. It tickled his memory until Kel had no choice but to work past the abhorrence and make himself focus, make himself drag in a deep breath of the fear-tainted blood.

He went cold and for just the briefest of moments, he couldn’t move. Denial wrapped itself around him, followed by some futile hope he wouldn’t even allow himself to cling to. Hope was such a bitter, ugly disappointment.

Instinct took over, instinct that hadn’t existed until twelve years ago. It wasn’t just the instincts of a vampire-the fear coming from that place was enough to have the typical civilian vamp backing away damn quick. Definitely not vamp instinct-it was the instinct of a Hunter and while he’d do damn near anything not to have it, ignoring it hadn’t ever been an option.

It pushed him into action. Without consciously realizing it, he slid into the shadows and cloaked himself within them. He pulled the darkness around him and used its cover as he made his way inside the warehouse.He heard a broken, tortured moan. It was a pitiful, faint sound and as it faded into the air, there was a laugh-icy and amused, so damn evil it made Kel’s skin crawl. The part of his brain that wasn’t controlled by instinct was screaming to get the hell away.

That kind of evil wasn’t anything he wanted to look at, anything he wanted to face, anything he wanted to fight.

A fucking failure, that was Kel. Hunter instincts, Hunter drive, and he still didn’t want this fight. But he didn’t turn around. He didn’t leave. There was no way he could, even when he heard her heartbeat falter, heard the rattle of her breath. It was the sound of death edging closer and Kel could even feel the chill of it looming near.

A man’s voice broke into the silence, underlined by a dry edge of humor. “I told you that it was pointless to fight, darling girl. And yet…still you fight. Why is that? Unless it’s to amuse me.”

Kel’s lips peeled back from his teeth as he heard a familiar sound, a wet thwack as a fist struck flesh. The only sound she made was a distant, almost non-existent moan. He emerged from the shadows just as the feral bent down and fisted a hand in her hair.

“Let her go,” he said in a flat voice. As he spoke, he also released his control on the shadows, an illusory talent some vampires had. It was all a trick of the mind, but it came in handy-muffled his presence, could cause an aversive effect where people avoided something without even realizing why.

And apparently, it worked on this one, because when his brown eyes cut towards Kel’s, there was surprise in his gaze. His eyes widened and the faint, bored smile on his lips widened. Dropping his victim to the ground, he stepped over her…like she was so much garbage. Something about the feral’s features, the way he moved, was disturbingly familiar but Kel didn’t know where he had seen this guy before. Hunters didn’t let ferals live-if this was one Kel had fought and not killed, then Rafe would have sent another Hunter to do the job.

But he’d seen him before-

No time to worry about the past though, because the present was bearing down on him, hard and fast. Kel wasn’t about to go hand-to-hand with a vampire that probably had a good century on him. Shit, if he’d known he was going to be dealing with a feral this strong, he would have enlisted help.

For vampires, strength came with age and in relative terms, Kel was just a baby compared to this fuck. As the feral circled around him, something about the man’s moves, something about that ugly sneer on his face, kept tickling at Kel’s memory.

“A bit young to be out here trying to tangle with me, aren’t you, boy?”

He slid a hand inside his shirt and closed it around the Beretta. Drawing it, he leveled it at the feral’s brow and smiled. “I’ll manage.”

The feral paused, cocked his head as he peered at Kel. Something flashed in those brown eyes, curiosity. “Hmmmm…You’re a cocky one, aren’t you, boy?”

“Yeah, I keep hearing that.”

“The Council really should be more careful.”

Something cold slivered through the air. The temperature seemed to drop twenty degrees. But it didn’t affect Kel. The fear that might have had some sway over him was one Kel had been trained to resist. As the temperature dropped and fear rolled through the room like a river, all Kel did was tighten his finger on the trigger.The feral lunged to the side. Kel moved with him and when the vamp tried to circle around behind him, Kel echoed his moves.

Deja vu…

I’ve done this before, he thought.

The feral across from him stilled, narrowed his eyes as he peered at Kel. Something measuring…

They both figured it out at the same time.

Releasing 5.20

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Except it’s slipping away from me, but I’ll be heading off to write in a few minutes.  Well, as soon as I post this since it’s my turn to blog today.  I’m just trying to decide what to talk about.  If you stopped in at the Brava blog then you already know my son graduated college—yea!  And that Close Encounters is a finalist in the Booksellers Best (too cool!). 

Temperature’s Rising (reissue) will be out June 3rd.  I’m really excited about that.  The Power of Love will also be out at the same time.  Then in July The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy will be released.  This is the third installment in the Planet Nerak series.  It’s going to be busy over the next few months. 

Oh, I heard Moonlight is going off the air.  I cannot believe this!  This is the only show on television that I will not miss, and now the powers that be are killing it off.  Well, all I can say is, Bite Me! 

And what happened to New Amsterdam?  I really liked that one, too.  American Idol is finishing up, too.  Life in TV land will be dismal without my favs.  *sigh* 

But we’ll still have our books.  There’s always that.


Karen Kelley

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Over at Dear Author, there’s a big discussion going on about stuff happening at RT. Nah, I’m not going to go into it-that topic has been done, done and redone. I have nothing new to add to it and since I can’t offer some brilliant new solution to make all peoples everywhere happy, I’ll save my brilliance for more things. 😉 Like talking. I’m very good at that when I want to be.

But there were a few comments made along the lines that people wanted erotic romance to be embraced so they shouldn’t be surprised if tacky and tawdry make an appearance.

Pretty much, I disagree with that idea. Am I offended? Nah. These comments came from people who are entitled to their opinions just as we all are.

I don’t think I write porn-somebody else may, and that’s their opinion. At one time, did I care more if somebody assumed what I wrote was porn without bothering to read it? Yeah. Do I now? Not so much.

Here’s why.

It’s a matter of personal opinion. Personal taste. Personal likes and dislikes. I’ve read mainstream books with sex so pathetically gratuitous, I couldn’t believe it was considered romantic by anybody’s standards. On the flip side, I’ve read erotic romances so hauntingly beautiful, it’s a frickin’ shame more people don’t give the genre a fair try-because trust me, the books they are missing out? For a romance lover, they are books not to be missed.

People referred to making the ‘lines between erotic romance and romance’ more defined.

Me, I have to wonder if it’s possible to make a hard, clear, defined line. Because it breaks down to personal opinion.

Erotic romance is going to have more explicit, blunt language and the sex isn’t ‘hidden’ behind a closed door.

Romance may or may not have sex scenes that may or may not be hidden behind closed doors.

The kicker, though, each of them have a romantic relationship that is supposed to take front and center-that romance is supposed to be the driving force. Erotic romance and romance, the intimate scenes should advance the plot.

They shouldn’t just be there to titillate.

I imagine we’ve all read books where the sex is just thrown in, almost as filler or because it seemed the sex needed to happen by page XXX or there needed to be soooooo many sexual situations in a book with this particular word count.

The shocking, blunt language that bothers so many doesn’t bother others-some consider it too graphic, too crude-but words have as much or little power as a person lets them have.

An example, back in the 1700s (I think-not entirely sure of my period references) the word f*ck wasn’t really considered a vulgar word, just one used to describe two people having sex.

Although, since I can’t be easy, that yucky C word does bother me and it bothers me enough that if I see it, I may just stop reading the book. Hate that word.

Others, don’t care. Others that write or read erotic romance don’t care. Others that don’t write or read erotic romance probably don’t care.

It’s a ll a matter of taste. All opinion.

Trying to put a clear and focused definition on something that can very so widely from one person to another just isn’t going to work. There are some people who’d be absolutely shocked at the level of heat found in any given romance-those who’d prefer nothing more than a peck on the cheek. That being the case, would we then need another clear cut line…well other than the genre lines themselves, inspirational versus non-inspirational, etc.

Trying to take erotic romance out of the romance genre just isn’t going to happen. It came in riding on one huge wave. Maybe the wave has leveled out, maybe not, but one thing I think *is* certain is that erotic romance isn’t going to disappear. Like any trend, it will be on top for a while, then gradually level off. But disappear altogether? I don’t see it happening.

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Although my favorite season is fall, spring comes in at a close second. Last year, a late freeze wreaked havoc with all the flowering plants and trees in our neck of the woods. But this time around, everything has been spectacular. Tulips, lilacs, daffodils, you name it – even the dogwoods are prettier than usual.

The week before last my dh had to go down to the Smokies to do a workshop for the Wildflower Pilgrimage. This is an event that has been happening every spring for over 50 years. They have hikes, programs, music, all sorts of stuff. Charles had to do something in the morning and something at 5 PM…but in the middle of the day we managed to sneak away and walk up to Clingman’s Dome. I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and this had to be about the clearest I have ever seen the view.

We picnicked at the Chimney’s picnic area beside the creek, and then we took lots of wildflower pictures. It was such fun, and what a treat to be in the great outdoors on a warm, pleasant spring day.

The lilac photo is from my yard – the wildflower photo is taken in the Smokies. In that one picture you can see: yellow trillium (the big flower), the filldehead stage of Christmas ferns (the curly thing), wild phlox (the blue), Bishop’s cap (the tiny white), parsnip (the tiny yellow), aand white phacelia.
We saw some white trillium nearby as well.

So, with flowers as today’s theme – here’s what I want to know… if money was no object, what are the two flowers you would like to have in your house to enjoy every day?

I’m traditional when it comes to roses, and I love it when my dh brings me some. I also love orchids, and I have been looking at them at Lowe’s, wondering if I would kill one if I brought it home?!?!?

I’ll pick a name from all the posts today to win a box full of fun promo stuff and books that I brought home from the RT convention in Pittsburgh.

Good luck,
Janice Maynard

P.S. Obviously, the first and secod photos are the same… I tried to take one out, but something didn’t work… oh well…

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If you’re interested in winning a gift basket from me filled with Hunter books and other goodies, you can go check out the diabetes auction that Brenda Novak is running.

You can check it out here-and make sure you check out the other items as well.

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