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Happy Release Day!

Mornin’ All – I’m excited to announce that tomorrow, July 1, is the official release day for my latest book By Appointment Only. It’s very romantic, very sexy, and since it’s set in Orlando, even the locale is hot. 🙂

My hero, Morgan, is a determined alpha guy who is going all out to persuade Hannah he’s a man for the long haul. She’s “wedding-shy”, and their private sexual role-playing sessions are designed to convince her that she and Morgan are a good match.

I had a lot of fun writing the book, so I hope any of you who have a chance to read it will enjoy the romance and the sexy games.

You can read an excerpt and see the video trailer at my website http://www.janicemaynard.com.

I’ll pick the name of one poster today, Monday, (deadline midnight eastern) to win a copy of The Perfect Ten.

Good luck,
Janice 🙂

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It’s Here!!!!!

The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy is available online!  Yea!!!!!!!  Here’s the back cover blurb. 

Take me to your leader. Come to think of it, just take me.


Planet Nerak was perfect—no disease, no darkness, no hunger—until an expedition to Earth brought back an unwanted guest. Enter one talented Nerakian named Lara, sent on a special fact-finding mission in the vast region called Texas. Fortunately, a warrior (he calls himself a “cop”) named Sam Jones has offered to help. Unfortunately, Sam’s skill at sex is quite distracting—as are plenty other earthly delights, like the dangerously addictive substance called chocolate. Temptations such as these could seriously compromise Lara’s—ahem—research…


Crazy, that’s what Sam is. What sane man would voluntarily isolate himself in the Texas woods with an alien, not to mention a female one with a superiority complex, legs that won’t quit, and a penchant for walking around buck naked? Between bragging about her home planet and levitating, Lara wastes no time getting on Sam’s last nerve…and even less time getting into his bed. Talk about going where no man has gone before. Of course, when you’re from Texas, nothing—not even an entire planet—is going to stop you from getting what you want.

 I’m having a contest for my newsletter group.  Haven’t joined?  It’s free and easy.  Just go to www.authorkarenkelley.com  Watch for a new one to start soon!

Best Wishes,

Karen Kelley

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Hon Fest

hon fest 3A really sweet HonTrue HonsAnd I do not mean as in Attila the Hun so much as Hairspray hon! It’s time for

TONS OF HONS In Charm City


That’s Baltimore for those you who don’t know. It calls for beehives, boas and big shades. The motto is

The Higher the Hair the Closer to God!


Ever see Hairspray the movie and/or the musical? Weeeeeellll, since it was shot in Baltimore and Baltimore is most proud of this they have an annual event to celebrate. It’s a chance to enjoy your favorite festival foods and eclectic vendors, and the best part -just watch the hons on parade!


Now I know some of you are true hons. If you call the refrigerator a fridgidare or ice-box? A sandwich a samidge. Are the steps the stoop? Well then you are definitely a Hon for real.


I love local festivals like this. They keep regional color alive. Makes everyone’s part of the USA different from the rest. No one celebrates Mardi Gras like New Orleans.


Here in Cincinnati we just had Goetta Fest. So what is Goetta, you ask? It’s a German thing made up of ground pork and beef and seasonings. You put it in a loaf, cut chunks and fry it. And it’s sooooo good! And it’s strictly a Cincy thing! J


So my question to you is… What local festival makes your neck of the woods unique? A special food? Dance? Dress?


Let me know and I’ll give away a Hot and Bothered T-shirt from the answers.


Have a fun week, Hon!


Hugs, Dianne

Hot and Bothered







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New Cover Art

And it’s so pretty! Reposted from Shi’s blog…
New cover prettiness…


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This N’ That…

I promised some pics of Lori and Dianne’s get-together… so here they are!  I never take as many as I should… and this year since we were signing the Power of Love, things were a bit crazy.

The weekend was a blast.  I hope all of you will get a chance to come sooner or later.  It’s the official kick-off of summer, in my opinion.  🙂  It’s always fun to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones.

I’m giving away a fun box of items to one lucky poster today.  I got a bunch of stuff at RT and some more things at the get-together.  I was flying home from Pittsburgh, so LuAnn took a box of goodies to Kentucky and then brought it to me in Cincinnati.  That’s why I’m just now geting around to sharing the wealth.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road lately.. but this week I am actually sitting down to write the first pages of a new book.  That’s always a scary but exciting time.  The book is still “out there” just waiting to be discovered.  Pretty heady stuff…

I’m not going to San Francisco.  That’s a bit sad, but a body can only do so much.

I should have a new video trailer up on my webiste in the next couple of days.  I’ll post a message on the loop when it’s ready. Hope you like it!

Well, this has been kind of rambling, but it’s almost midnight, so that’s my excuse.  I’ll draw a name for a winner on Tuesday around 2PM and announce it here.

So stop by and say hello and maybe share any fun summer plans you have on the calendar.







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Helping out

Received via email…


“One of our own, author Jo Leigh (aka Jolie Kramer) lost her husband on June 13 after he courageously battled cancer. If you don’t know their story which is the stuff romance novels are made of, you can read it here and see their wedding picture here.

In addition to being a fabulous friend to so many and a mulit-RITA nominated author who has written for Harlequin Blaze, Temptation, Intrigue, Special Projects, Silhouette Intimate Moments and Meteor Kismet, Jo is known across the country for the amazing writing classes she teaches, including one on plotting that is incomparable. She has been incredibly generous to so many in sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Unfortunately, Jo has been left with a lot of medical expenses she will be struggling to cover as they had no health insurance, and we would like to help her out by holding several fundraising auctions. If you have items to donate – books or book baskets/collections, critiques, ARCs of upcoming releases, mentoring opportunities, web or promotional material design work etc., please email the item description to the following email address: forjoleigh@gmail.com. This is the address we’re using to organize the items.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Alison Kent, HelenKay Dimon, Larissa Ione, Stephanie Tyler

**edited to add – We’ve been asked about monetary donations – please email me via my contact page and I’ll email you the paypal address, if this is how you wish to help Jo.

We’ve already covered a lot of loops and groups, but if you’d like to post it where you haven’t seen it, or put it up on your blog, that would be wonderful.”


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Hours in a day

Hi Everyone!
I’m soooo ready for vacation!  No, wait, I just went on vacation last month.  Drat!  I think they should pass a law that we get to take a vacation every month.  I think everyone is working longer hours.  I was talking to my d-i-l the other day and she was just leaving work at 7pm.  Ridiculous. 
I can’t believe I have a new book coming out in a few weeks!  The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy.  I’m really excited about this book because it’s the third one in my Planet Nerak series.  The reviews are trickling in.  This one is from Fallen Angels:
The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy by Karen Kelley is another fantastic book that features the travelers from Nerak. The interactions between Sam and Laura had me cracking up! There was also a lot of heat with this couple that kept things humming.

The plentiful characters throughout this story add a lot of drama and action while the smooth writing style keeps it all tied together perfectly. I had been eager for Sam’s story since I finished Cosmic Sex and the wait was worth every minute. Ms. Kelley’s name will continue to be at the top of my favorite authors list. I think that readers will truly enjoy this story. 5 Angels! (Recommended Read)

Reviewed by: Tammy

I’m always thrilled when my books get a glowing review. 
I’m off to get my hair done this morning.  Take care!
Karen Kelley
Cosmic Sex   January 29, 2008   Brava
The Power of Love anth/Berkley  June 3, 2008
Reissue Mass Market Temperature’s Rising June 3, 2008
The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy  July 2008  Brava

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