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Asks Sarah.

I’m kidding…right? Well, no….a woman did go to jail for not returning two books/paying the fine/not appearing in court.

And yep, I’m serious…Go look. A woman checked out White Oleander and Angels & Demons last year. Didn’t return them. And viola…she got arrested because she wouldn’t give them up. I mean, ya know, you can probably find them on the discount table at a Borders or B&N, right? So if they are that important, eh, well I’d want brand new, fresh clean books that were mine all mine.

Okay, so yep, I’ve got books I wouldn’t give up for love or money…although I wouldn’t want to go to jail over them. Basically, she stole these books, right? Libraries are for loaning, not keeping.

Since I paid for my wouldn’t-part-with-books fair and square, or somebody gave them to me, I think I’m safe. But the books I won’t part with?

The list goes something like this:

  1. The Ghost of Opaline by Peggy Bacon (I paid $250 for that sucker, I’m NOT giving it up)
  2. the Stardoc series (for those who are here regularly…SL Viehl…need I say more?)
  3. My Little House on the Prairie series (yep, I’m serious…this is one of the sets that got me hooked on reading)
  4. the IN DEATH series…(JD Robb…need I say more?)
  5. Mercedes Lackey’s Wind Trilogy (I so love Darkwind and Elspeth)
  6. Nora Roberts Irish Jewels trilogy (Nora!!!)
  7. My Jessica Hall books ( Hall is aka SL Viehl…enough said)

I’ve got lots of faves, lots of keepers, but these are the ones with the most prominent spot, so to speak, on my keeper case…*G*… I got an entire bookcase now devoted to keepers, thanks to my DH. I adore him.

These are the books I don’t see me parting with…what about you?

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Got your atention, didn’t I !!!  🙂  Sheesh – I don’t even want to thinkabout it…

I was supposed to blog today, but I’ve been feeling under the weather.  So I thought I’d post the cover for my December 2008 release.  It’s written under my Elizabeth Scott pseudonym… and it would make an excellent gift for a husband, boyfriend, long-time lover, etc.  And an even better gift for yourself… ha!

The story centers around three female best friends who all have the same significant aniversary coming up… and they are worried about the dreaded seven year itch.  They don’t want their marriages to get boring… don’t want their mates to stray.  So they propose giving their DH’s a free pass for a one time fling with a stranger… with the understanding that the wives get the same perk.

But when the trysts begin to take place, nothing turns out as expected.  It’s fun and naughty, and super sexy.

Now, this book is fantasy-based, because I don’t know of a single woman who would really do such a thing.  But it’s fun to imagine the “what ifs”! 

Hope everyone has a good week,


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Because I could use a laugh



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Olympic Fever

I’ve got it – do you??  This happens every two years… I stay up way too late, and I get cross-eyed from the many hours I spend staring at the TV.  I can’t seem to help myself.

My very favorite events take place during the Winter Olympics, but I love the summer games almost as much.  Gymnastics are always entertaining, but this year, I am cheering for Michael Phelps.  He seems like such a fine young man, and although he is definitely focused and motivated, I don’t see an abundance of ego or arrogance.   I would love to see him win those 8 gold medals, especially after the incredible men’s relay that the U.S. won literally by a finger.

I’m offering a two part prize today.  First of all, I am giving away an ARC of my December release FREE PASS.  This is actually written under my Elizabeth Scott pseudonym and is a fun and naughty book that explores the idea of “what if?”  What would happen if two lovers gave each other a one time free pass for a fling.  The results when my characters do so surprise everyone involved. 

The second part of the prize is a bonus contingent on Phelps!  If Michael Phelps wins his eight gold medals, I’ll add a $25 dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble.  🙂

So there you have it… a two part prize…

I will announce the winner either when Michael clinches the eighth medal, or when he loses a race and the 8 medals are no longer possible.

I hope to hear from lots of you!  Have a good week, and enjoy the Olympics!!

Janice Maynard

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