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The Redeeming…coming in July

A few months ago, I sent one of my out-of-print ebook titles to my editor at Samhain.  She wanted it so I did some revising and rewriting.  Also had to give it a new title.  It was called Redemption, but now it’s titled The Redeeming.  It’s going to be out in July and I wanted to share an excerpt.

“You want her to face her mother.” Jonah turned away, hoping to hide the fiery rage that built within, the need to howl. Not right…what they demanded wasn’t right. “Can’t you see how terrified she is?”

Jonah certainly could. Now he understood the fear he’d seen in her eyes.

Sansan sighed. “Indeed, we see it. But having a soul means you’re willing to sacrifice all for another. If she didn’t fear her mother, there would be no sacrifice.”

As Jonah turned, glaring, he found himself alone, in an empty room. Whirling, he grabbed a stained coffee cup from the desk and hurled it at the wall. “Damn it!” he shouted.

And then he collapsed onto the ground, looping his arms around his knees and bowing his head. “Damn it,” he whispered.

He was still trying to recover his ground when the knock came, a long time later. Wearily, he trudged to the door, opening it with dread. He knew who was on the other side.

A woman he had dreamed of.

A woman he hungered for.

A woman he barely knew.

A woman who had been born of a demon.

Staring into her eyes, Jonah thought, almost wildly, I don’t care…

Whatever she had been getting ready to say died as he reached out, pulling her against him. Lowering his head, he covered the rosebud mouth with his, groaning as the clean, pure taste of her flooded his senses. This is not a creature of evil…

He knew evil. She wasn’t it.

She was spring rain, summer warmth and the light of the sun in his arms. A startled squeak escaped her as he kissed her, surprise and hunger lighting those dark blue eyes.

As her hands slid up his chest, Jonah spun her around, pulling her inside the house and kicking the door closed. Backing her up against the wall, he groaned as he felt the bite of her nails at his neck. Her entire body was quivering, vibrating against his. A hungry little purr escaped her lips as he pressed hungry, biting kisses down her neck, to her collarbone as he slid the jacket from her shoulders.

“Jonah,” she gasped out as he jerked her shirt from the waist of her jeans, his hands seeking out the cool, silken feel of her skin.

He wanted to howl as she started to whimper in his arms, rocking against him, an almost feverish hunger in her midnight-blue eyes. “Lily,” he rumbled as he dipped his head and buried his face in the soft, sweet valley between her breasts.

An insidious little whisper of doubt started to creep in as he shoved up her shirt baring the full, silk-covered curves of her breasts. The dusky circles of her nipples were a shadow under the fragile silk. Urging her closer, he took the peak of one nipple in his mouth, drawing deep, shuddering at the hot, female taste of her skin.

As he feasted on the heated satin of her skin, a voice of doubt whispered in his mind. Do you really think this is helping your situation, Adamm?

Savagely, he shoved the voice out of his head. It felt…foreign. But not Sansan. Sansan hadn’t called him Adamm since they had shoved him into this body.

Wonderful way to save your soul, fornicating like the bastard you’ve always been…

He shot to his feet, lacing his fingers through her hair as he pressed his mouth back to hers, waiting for the heaven of her mouth, and the blood pounding in his head, to drown out that nasty little whisper.

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Mating Game

I didn’t have anything scintillating to write about today (ha!) so I thought I’d post an excerpt from Mating Game… it will be out the first of July, and it’s a bit of departure for me. I call it light romantic suspense… nothing too gory or terrifying, but definitely a tale of mystery and danger.

I’ll pick one “poster” to receive an Advance Reading Copy of the book. And I’ll draw a name Tuesday night at around 9PM…

Janice 🙂

He nodded. “I’ll try to stay out of your way. I’ll do the outside stuff first, and save the indoor projects for rainy days.”
His words were prosaic, but Nola flashed unexpectedly to a vision of the two of them tangled in sweaty sheets, breathing heavily in the aftermath of amazing sex as rain beat gently on the large windows of her bedroom.
Her knees actually went weak. She told herself it was hunger.
He turned and headed for the foyer. “I’ll go home and pack up some tools and clothes and things. I’ll be back before dark.”
She rummaged in a drawer. “Here. You should have a key. I might not be here when you get back. I have to make a run for major groceries and cleaning supplies.”
Her stomach growled loudly, right on cue.
He grinned, the first full-fledged smile he’d given her. “You want me to order some pizza and pick it up before I go?”
Wow. He had her heart beating faster already, but when he unleashed a genuine smile, he made her want to throw off her clothes and say, Take me, you fool.
She shook her head, trying to reclaim some shred of dignity. “Thanks, but I’ll get something in town.”
She grabbed her keys and purse, followed him out of the house, and locked the front door. His dusty white pick up truck was parked beside her rental. Before he climbed into the cab, she put her hand on his arm for a quick second to stop him.
He lifted a quizzical eyebrow, jingling his keys in his right hand. “Changed your mind about that pizza?”
She shook her head, feeling herself blush again like a silly teenager. “No. I just wanted to say thank you. I’m embarrassed that I blubbered all over a perfect stranger.”
That high-wattage smile returned. “Aw shucks, Nola. I’m not perfect.” He chuckled out loud. The sound snuck inside her chest and made her heart race. Good Lord, this man was potent stuff.
He reached out and rubbed a thumb across her cheekbone.
Her eyes went wide, and he leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Just a little bit of mascara, Red. But you’re still one hell of a beautiful woman.”
The late afternoon sunshine bathed them in a soft glow. The sounds of mooing cows and singing birds and noisy lawnmowers faded into silence. The world stood still.
Tanner watched her, waiting for a sign, perhaps, that he hadn’t misread her mood.
She took a half step forward. Up close, he smelled of healthy male sweat and Irish Spring soap. Who knew such a combination would trigger all sorts of pheromones?
He made her feel dainty and feminine and wonderfully vulnerable in the best possible way. She took a deep breath and laid a hand on his chest. His heartbeat thundered beneath her fingertips. Strong, steady, dependable. He was warm and big and virile, and she knew in that instant that she had to add him to her list. Why the hell not.
She cleared her throat. “I don’t jump into bed with every man I meet.”
He must have heard the truculence in her voice, but he responded mildly. “I never thought you did.”
“And there’s no guarantee that I will with you.”
His eyes gleamed. “Duly noted.”
“You’re only here to fix my house.”
“Yes, ma’am.” The way he said it made her want to climb his bones right on the spot.
But she satisfied herself with a kiss. It was all up to her.
She went up on her tiptoes, barely reaching his chin. He didn’t say a word. He merely put his hands on her waist and lifted her with ease, setting her gently on the hood of his truck. That damn eyebrow of his went up again in a clear challenge.
She rested her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. Staring at his firm, full lips made her light headed. She wondered for a vague moment if Marc had turned her into a nymphomaniac.
But it was probably the urge to land a husband in less than three weeks that was making her fixate on erotic matters. Such a task was bound to drive a woman a little crazy.
She leaned into him, confident that he wouldn’t let her fall. Her lips found his and settled in to learn the contours of his sexy mouth. He tasted like butterscotch candy. That was oddly disarming. Feeling brave and more than a little turned on, she let her tongue slide between his lips and explore.
She’d awakened the tiger.
He made a noise deep in his throat and dragged her closer, one big hand supporting her head as he devoured her lips in a hungry kiss. It was heaven. In recent days she’d become accustomed to Marc’s smooth technique, his slow, teasing build to the big event.
But Tanner Nash skipped right from foreplay to total immersion. She whimpered when he nipped her bottom lip with his teeth, but she returned the favor. When bent his head to nibble the upper slope of her breasts, she tunneled her fingers in his hair and stroked his ears.. Sweat trickled down her cleavage, and she wasn’t sure if it was the Georgia heat and humidity, or the way Tanner surrounded her, enveloped her, dragged her into the fantasy of him and her… together, setting the woods on fire.
It might have been minutes or days before he released her. She rubbed a shaking hand across her mouth and adjusted her blouse. “Well, I…” Her words trailed off as her throat closed up.
Tanner kissed her forehead. “I’ve never kissed a redhead before. You pack quite a punch, Miss Nola Grainger.”
She was flattered in spite of the fact that he was probably feeding her a line he’d used a million times. A guy with his level of sexuality didn’t come by that expertise overnight. He knew women.
Again, she pondered the differences between Marc and Tanner Nash. They were both sexy, confident men. But that’s where the similarities ended. Marc thrived on the new and different. She was pretty sure Tanner was only interested in sex. His way. All day or all night.
It was a darned effective scheme to seduce a woman. Kama Sutra, be damned. Missionary sex with Tanner Nash might well be the most intense experience of her life. If she had the guts to go for it.

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I have two books coming out in a few days.  Close Encounters is being re-issued in mass market.  It was a fun book and has won a lot of awards.  It was also nominated for a reviewer’s choice award from Romantic Times and earned a 4 1/2 starred rating.  I have excerpts on my website if you’d like to read more.   The other book is How To Seduce A Texan.  Here’s my tagline.  You can also read more on my website.   Going country takes on a whole new meaning when big city reporter, Nikki Scott, goes undercover.  But football player in hiding, Cal Braxton discovers her deception.  Oh, yeah, he’ll make her earn every word when he introduces her to the old homestead, the outhouse from hell, and the crazy-assed rooster, but what goes on behind closed doors will make the most seasoned censor blush.   If you haven’t checked out my two brand new videos they’re on the opening page of my website.   I was raised on a small ranch so writing How To Seduce A Texan was a lot of fun.  Imagine taking a city girl and putting her in the country.  I’ve milked cows, dealt with crazy-assed roosters that I threatened to put in a stew pot, and put up with stupid cows.  Heck, I even seduced a Texan  *smile*.   Tell me what you think of the videos at www.authorkarenkelley.com and I’ll put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a book.  I’m giving away one of each, How To Seduce A Texan and Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind.  All the usual rules applies.  You must be at least 18 to enter, void where prohibited etc  The contest ends tonight at 10 pm central time.    Thanks so much! Karen Kelley   She needs a place to hide
He needs a ghost exterminator
What could possibly go wrong?

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