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Be lazy with today’s post…

I’ve been lazy here for a while… sorry, guys!  Too much going on, too many things to do, and I’m an airhead.

So I’ll just share some links.

I’ve got a contest going on at my blog… a book giveaway for SJ Day’s latest.

I guest-blogged at literary escapism and there’s a contest.

I did some rewriting and revising and expanding on an old ebok of mine, Redemption-it was released from Triskelion.  It’s been out of circulation for a while and it’s been released from Samhain this July, and it’s a much cleaner read, has a beautiful cover.  You can read an excerpt here. Although it looks like I already mentioned it here…hmmm… oh well.

I’ve got an author page up on facebook-I’ll mostly just use this for updates and stuff, but there will be the occasional contest, so if you’re on facebook, you join the page here.

And here in the next few days, I’ll think I’ll be finishing up my next story for Samhain, a paranormal called Candy Houses.

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