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Cross posted from my personal blog… make sure you check out my blog (http://shilohwalker.wordpress.com) on 4.27.2010 for contest info… it’s a nice prize.

I’m going to be doing a contest for the release of this book…kind of a big one, especially for an ebook. Even if you’ve already bought it, you might wanna think about buying it again-buying it gets you multiple entries, and this is a nice prize… The contest will be open across the globe and it won’t matter to me if you buy it through Samhain’s store, Amazon, the Nook store, Sony…as long as it’s a legit etailer and you follow the contest rules. And did I mention…it’s a nice prize.

No Longer Mine has been revised-a lot. Re-edited. A lot. I think it’s a better, cleaner read this time around. And pretty, pretty new cover… *G*

And to help count down the days, I’ll be posting some excerpts between now and release day, 4/27/10

Nikki jumped involuntarily when a hand settled on the curve of her hip. Stiffening, she tried to move away, but the crowd had gotten a little too close.

She aimed a quelling glare up at Wade, only to find him talking to Abby. All around the crowd talked, music played, children laughed. The noise buzzed in her ears, but she heard none of it

A tiny shudder raced up her spine as his thumb moved up and down. On bare skin. The bottom of her top barely touched the waistband of her shorts and now his hand was kneading her naked flesh. Long, clever fingers played over her waist while she tried hard to ignore it.

She wasn’t succeeding. Her stomach felt warm and jittery, her heart pounded harder, her skin felt far too tight, hot and prickly.

Damn it, how much longer until this thing’s over? she thought wildly as her insides continued to do a slow meltdown

Her shoulders ached with the effort to keep tension in her body, to keep from relaxing against him. It would be so easy just to let her head fall back against his shoulder, let him wrap her in his arms.

Why was he doing his? Hadn’t she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him? Why was she still standing here? Abby no longer held her hand in a death grip, wasn’t looking at her every few seconds as if to say “isn’t this fun?” Nikki could have left several minutes ago, so why she was torturing herself?

She stood frozen as Wade shifted until he was standing just behind her and slightly to her right. That hand slid around her middle and exerted enough pressure to pull her flush against him. The heat of him was enough to brand her flesh.

Her eyes closed as Wade leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You don’t want to stay away from me any more than I want you to. Don’t keep running away, baby.”

“Stop it,” she bit off, her own whisper harsh.

“Stop what? Stop dreaming about you? Loving you? Can you stop thinking about me? Is it really that easy for you?” he asked in a low voice, nuzzling her ear gently.
Her eyes flew open as Wade’s hand slid under her shirt again, now caressing her midriff with agile, knowing fingers. She grabbed his hand, stilled it with her own, and slipped away from him.

“The parade’s over,” she said, her voice hoarse, heart pounding. Her palms were damp and her hands were shaking. And he had hardly touched her.

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The past few weeks have been insanity, but thus is my life, I think.

I finished the next book in my Grimm series-titled Crazed Hearts, and it will be going to Samhain.

I finished a paranormal/psychic novella for Ellora’s Cave, was titled Shades of Gray, now may be Never as It Seems, dunno yet.

I’ve got a contemp I may finish in the next week or so and I’m not sure where I’m sending that.  And I’m working on the first few chapters of my romantic suspense trilogy, book 2, which is with Ballantine.

I’ve got a re-release coming out this month…no Longer Mine, my first romance, coming out from Samhain-revised, A LOT, shiny, pretty new cover, and a kick butt contest, (I think, hope) to help spread the word and I’ll post more about that later on.

No Longer Mine

I’ll be in Columbus this month for Romantic Times and there’s a HUGE book signing on 5/1, open to the public, where you can meet dozens of authors…details are here. Per the site, from 11-2 on Saturday, 5/1 @ :

Hyatt Regency Columbus
350 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
800 989 8816 x12

SATURDAY: Where can you meet your favorite authors, get your pic taken with them or a cover model, or get a sneak preview to what’s coming out in the wonderful world of women’s fiction? At the one and only RT Booklovers Convention Book Fair! Over 300 authors will autograph books, posters and bookmarks, and you can bring your favorite “keeper” books to have your fav author sign them!!

For those bringing collectibles and “keeper” books, we will clearly label the books for you, so as not to mistake them for new books!

This event is open to the public for a small fee of $5.00 at the door. All registered attendees will enter 15 minutes prior to the public opening.

And I think I’ve rambled enough…  O_O

Hope you’re enjoying spring!



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