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Lucy Monroe’s Moon Craving

Hi everyone.

Hope you all are in warm part of the country and not freeeeeezing your backside off like we are here in Cincy. To add a little heat to your Sunday here’s a look a Lucy Monroe’s new book coming out in Feb. Love the cover! What a story.

Moon Craving Feb 2010 – Berkley Sensation ISBN-13: 978-0425233047 Children of the Moon Book 2 If it were up to him, Talorc—laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack— would never marry. But when the king orders that Talorc wed an Englishwoman, the lone wolf is shocked to find his mate in the strong-willed Abigail. And after an intensely climactic wedding night, the two fiercely independent souls sense an unbreakable bond… Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible. And for his part, he has no intention of telling her about being a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she’s begun to love has deceived her, it will take all of his warrior’s strength—and his wolf’s cunning—to win his wife back. And Talorc will have to face his biggest challenge yet: the vulnerability of a man in love…

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The Great Escape!

Peanut Butter and Sugar!

 Howdy Peeps! Today I want to talk about how you personally get through the crappy times. What do you do to escape for a bit when you feel like your head is ready to explode? What do you do to escape from some crappy thing going on in your life?

Maybe your daughter brought home the biggest looser east of the Mississippi? Or your mother-in-law is coming for a month visit. Or you got the boss from hell. Or you husband just ran off with the cupcake next door? Whatever it is, we’ve all been through the crappy times and need to get away and regroup so we can go on. I’m not taking about flying off to Vegas…though that would be great…but a little escape time to think about something else besides strangling your doctor, daughter, MIL, boss, husband and cupcake.

I sooooo wish I thought escaping was taking a good long run, working up a good sweat, going to the gym, doing yoga. But, alas, I resort to more basic things…like a jar of peanut butter, the sugar bowl, a big spoon, and reruns of the Gilmore Girls or Brothers and Sisters.

I park my fanny in front of the TV, crank up Stars Hollow or Padidina, spoon sugar into my pb jar and lose myself for an hour. And for me it works! A little R&R and I can face the world again…least try to. So, what do you do when you really need to get away from it all?

Hugs, Dianne



PS: Here is an excerpt from Hot and Irresistible to escape to Savanna and into Bebe and Donovan’s world of romance and mystery and a few ghosts.

“Don’t you dare go feeling sorry for me, Donovan McCabe, I sure as hell don’t need a pity party. And now you want to tell me what you’re here doing on my front stoop?”

Her gaze met his and she braced herself for the Oh, you poor thing look but instead Donovan bent his head and kissed her. She started to protest but her lips were busy and suddenly her tongue was too and then her arms got into the act and then her insides melted into goo. This was all wrong on every level except one…Donovan McCabe felt so darn good when she was feeling crappy as hell.

How many times had Dara struck and no one had been there? But here and now on this beautiful spring morning, there was Donovan McCabe and that he was a damn Yankee didn’t seem to matter all that much at the moment. She breathed, a sense of peace she’d never known before in her whole life filling her up like a glass long empty. She leaned into him and took one more kiss, just a little with a tiny nibble of his bottom lip to chase away the lingering chill of Dara, then Bebe stepped back. Every cell in her body…except the two rational cells still functioning in her brain… insisted she was the most stupid woman on planet earth for not staying locked in his arms.

“What was that all about?” The question was as much for her as him because she didn’t know what to think about the effect he had on her.

“You look like a woman who needed a hug and the kiss part just snuck in.” His voice was steady but there was unsure spark in his eyes that said he didn’t just go around kissing every woman who may have the need. But she didn’t need him to be nice and she wished like hell he hadn’t seen Dara. It was Bebe’s private life, the part she kept tucked away as best she could even from Brie, Prissy and Charlotte. A crappy childhood did not transfer into a crappy life. “Are you playing me, McCabe? Softening me up so I’ll help you nail Cleveland? Well, I won’t, he’s my friend and I can handle Dara.”

“How about I look the other way and you just shoot her.”

Bebe broke into a laugh and today she didn’t think she’d be laughing about anything. “I’ll lend you my gun,” he continued, looking perfectly serious. “Or at least blast the bitch verbally. I’ve seen you in action, you’re a hellcat when riled. Why not now?”

If he hadn’t offered his gun she would have told Donovan to butt out but he did offer and he’d kissed her when she needed it and she wasn’t in the habit of needing much.

A new meaning of good cop, bad cop. “It’s a conditioned response from when I was a kid. Dara’s favorite game was to threaten to leave me in the marsh if I didn’t do what she said. Scared the hell out of me and you never did say way you’re here.” Why the hell was she telling McCabe all this? Fallout from a dynamite kiss.

“When my mother tells me to stand up straight and get a haircut I still do it.” A gentle smile that comes from thinking of good stuff softened his face. “Except my mom’s nothing like yours, though I do remember threats of military school once or twice.” He leaned against the side of the apartment building looking as if the place belonged to him. He was that kind of guy, one who fit in anywhere, probably even military school. Bebe felt as if she fit in nowhere and she’d lived in Savannah all her life. He said, “I’m here because I didn’t want to air our problems in front of the whole station. We need to talk about how we’re going to handle Ray Cleveland.”

This was better. Arguing over work was a piece of cake, reminiscing about a screwed up childhood was a piece of shit. “I said I’m not helping you with Cleveland, McCabe and I haven’t changed my mind so there’s no need for kisses that curl my toes.” Well damn. She was on a roll till the toes part. When Donovan was around she had to learn to think before she opened her big mouth…which could lead to more kissing and then tongues. What in the almighty hell was she going to do with Donovan McCabe!

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Holiday Traditions I Stole From Romance Books


Christmas is tradition on steroids. The colors, the decorations we haul out from the attic year after year, the songs…maybe a little jazzier but the ones we’ve heard all our lives. The food.


And we’ve made our own traditions unique to our family and friends. Opening presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning? Christmas turkey? Ham? Roast beef? Pizza? Go to grandma’s house? Does she fly to yours?


What traditions did you think up to suit your family? We leave cookies and a martini for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Santa needs something to keep him warm.


Did you ever take a tradition from a romance book and make it your own?


In one book I read where the family always had Sunday dinner at the parents’ house. Yeah, you’re right, that’s not just Christmas but it is one of the best things I ever did. Now that I’m an empty nester this makes sure we all get together at least once a week, arguments and all.


But I have stolen Christmas ideas too. Like Christmas PJs. We all get them to sleep in on Christmas Eve. By then we need them really bad and new ones make for nice Christmas pictures the next morning. I thought that one as genius!


And food. No turkey and ham for us we all dive in and make homemade ravioli. You should see my kitchen! I think I got this idea from a romance set in Italy at Christmas. Great book. Great food! Wish I had a maid.


And I read in one organized book…probably an inspirational…where they all took turns to open the presents and not all diving in at once. That makes Christmas last all morning and not just ten minutes.


Of course there are the other fun, ideas that aren’t exactly family oriented… I got a Santa-baby hat that’s worn to bed on Christmas night…forget the pj’s. And there is that very best, very personal, prezzie under the tree wrapped in just a big read bow. Icing is great for other things than Christmas cookies and that fur on Santa’s hat is really ticklish. You get the picture.


These are my favorite Christmas traditions I got from reading romances. Do you have some to share and did they make your Christmas a little more special?


I’ll give away a copy of Tails of Love from the answers.


Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy all those traditions and make a some great new ones.



Dianne Castell




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It’s here! My favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving and hate that it gets trampled over by the Christmas rush. Thanksgiving is so much more than the heralding in of Santa. If you’re like me this weekend is nuts with getting things done. Thank heavens the leaves are all finally raked! What a job! Today I get out the holiday dishes. I’m a dish nut. I love china and linens and crystal. I especially love holiday dishes because they make every meal more festive. I dug out the Thanksgiving decorations of pumpkins, apples, dried arrangements and spiced scented candles a month ago. But of course the best thing about Thanksgiving is getting the family home. I have one daughter in NYC and another in Baltimore. They’ll be flying in on Wed. My son got married so we get to add another chair to the table. Always wonderful to add a chair and not take one away. We did that last year. Thanksgiving will be a day of everyone cooking and talking and laughing. Celebrating being together, giving thanks. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Going away? Having family over? Crashing by yourself and giving thanks you don’t have to be anywhere for the day? What makes Thanksgiving special for you? I’ll give away a Hot and Irresistible T-shirt from the answers. Have a great Thanksgiving. Hugs, Dianne Castell DianneCastell@hotmail.com

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im-your-santa2I was watching the OC. My daughter gave me season 1. (I think that’s Orange County and IMO they should have just called it the Seth show because this character is the only one who can act. But that’s another blog).

Anyway there’s a mom who celebrates Christmas and a dad who’s Jewish so the son, Seth, created Chrismaka (Christmas and Hanukah) to embrace both holidays. Brought the best of both together under one roof. Whereas some of the OC is lame, I love this idea. United the family instead of dividing it.

My question is, have you ever partaken in a celebration of a culture or religion of which you are not affiliated? I’ve gone to Episcopal weddings, Jewish wedding, even a Greek Orthodox wedding. Loved ‘em all. IMO this is like eating at an Italian or Mexican or Chinese restaurant. You don’t have to be Italian or Mexican or Chinese to enjoy the experience and it enriches your life. You experience something new.

So, fellow bloggers, what celebrations out of your normal sphere have your attended? What did you enjoy most? I love the Greek wedding food and you should see me dance the hora. 

I’ll give away a copy of Star Quality from the answers.
Have a good Sunday.

Dianne Castell

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Are there some book themes that are auto-buys for you?

A topic that no matter who writes it or how crappie the cover you think ah-ha, it’s one of those and I have to have it now! And you start reading  while you’re still in the store, then you’re sitting on the floor and people are giving you the evil eye and tripping over you and you don’t care. I’ve been there.

I’m a sucker for love and laughter especially mixed with suspense. I’m okay with love and laughter on its own as long as it doesn’t drift into characters being stupid to get a laugh. That happens a lot and I hate, hate, hate stupid characters. They’re supposed to be heroes and heroines for Pete’s sake! Stupid doesn’t work.

And suspense by itself doesn’t work for me. So often it drifts into the gruesome or morbid or dark and I hate all those things too. But I love a good mystery. So, if you put the two together it’s an auto buy for me.

And I love, love, love cowboy themes and Southern themes. Not always an auto buy but sure makes me look twice. ‘Course if there’s humor involved then it’s a must-have and if there’s humor and suspense and in the South, well dang, girl!

And that brings us to what themes you won’t read no matter how many of your friends insist this is the best read ever! I cannot read horror no matter who writes it. Scares me to death, can’t sleep, double lock all the doors. After reading In Cold Blood I put heavy furniture in front of the back door for weeks! My husband and kids thought I was nuts…that’s because they didn’t read In Cold Blood!

And I can’t do vampires. I know, I know…there are lots of vamps out there that are humorous and have mystery but the neck biting thing just grosses me out no matter how gorgeous the neck-bitter is.


Here’s a link to RT’s theme page where they list the themes and the books that best represent the theme. They even talk about what is the appeal. Very fascinating stuff.

So, chickies, the question is…

What is your fav theme that you auto buy and what is the one theme that makes you squirm when you just think about it? I’ll give away a Hot and Bothered tote from the answers.

Thanks for playing!

Dianne Castell




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Okay, I’m making this a quickie as we are all pressed for time. What part of the holidays are you looking forward to the most? Christmas dinner with the pecan pie? Opening presents? Watching others open your presents? Midnight Mass. Christmas service? Ringing in the New Year…and getting rid of ’07? After Christmas sales?

I’m mostly looking forward to the 29th as my daughter will be back in town then and the whole family will be together. Also, my son has depression and the holidays are hard on him so by the time the 29th rolls around he’ll be better.

So, what about you? What part of the next week tickles your funny the most? Or…anything your dreading? Like dinner at our inlaws? Returning presents? Cooking? Gaining five pounds. I’m already there on that one! 😦 

Hugs, Dianne Castell

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Hugh Grant


One of my fav Christmas movies is Love Actually (a lot of you already know that). I was watching it for the millionth time yesterday and it got me thinking… What do I want for Christmas?

It’s tough when you’ve been around as long as I have. I mean there’s always the sweater or CD or DVD but what would really floats my boat…besides losing ten pounds and suddenly looking like Claudia Schiffer.

And, okay, Hugh Grant floats my boat but that’s not going to happen either. So, what else? Last year I got a subscription to Cooking Light, or was that Eating Light? Something light. I think there was a message there and it did get me to Weight Watchers.

I’d love to have the first three chapters of my next book done but that’s not going to happen either and neither is a cook or maid. I hate to clean, would much rather sit here and blog with you all. J

Jewelry’s nice but I always lose the expensive earring…never the cheap one. And Timex watches are so easy to replace the battery and the expensive ones aren’t. And Peeps are out of the question since I dislocated my jaw on that six-month old stale one.

Sooo, what to ask for for Christmas? 

Got any ideas?

What do YOU want for Christmas??

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Howdy, All.

Here is out first guest Reader Blog by Kathy Andrico… Lover of romances, terrific photographer, world traveler and all-around great gal!


Thanks, Kathy!


I’ve always been one to reread a story and re-watch a movie.  My childhood books were reread often.  I remember replaying my Star Wars record (of the storybook) and reading the accompanying book over, and over again.  I also saw the original Star Wars in the theater five times (Original Release).


As a teen, I bought The Changeover, by Margaret Mahy.  I loved this story, and I can remember rereading it five times in a row.


There was another book that was very popular with my high school friends.  It was called Term Paper, by Ann Rinaldi.  This is a phenomenal book about a teenage girl, and her relationships with her much older brothers and father.  It was out of print when I tried to buy it, and I was thrilled when I found a copy as an adult.  To this day, whenever I come across my copy, I will sit and reread sections of the book.


When I met Romance Author Leigh Greenwood, I showed him the spine of my copy of Violet.  I told him that the crease on the spine was one of the highest compliments I could give him.  There is one other book that has met a similar fate – Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair.  I LOVE the hero!


When I am organizing my books, I enjoy looking at the books and remembering the stories.  It takes me a long time to finish, because I will just sit for awhile revisiting certain scenes.


Some people don’t understand rereading a book, but it really is no different than re-watching a movie.  Think about how many movie quotes are used in everyday language.  Say “May the Force Be With You” and very few will be uncertain as to its origins.


If I say “As You Wish”, a fan of another one of my favorite movies will immediately know what I am talking about.  We are the true fans, not a person who saw the movie once, thought it was good, and didn’t bother watching it again because they knew the story.  We are the ones who wish to visit with familiar characters, laugh, cry, and sigh at the end.


The same goes for rereading books.


So, I’ll pose this question to any reading the blog.


Do you re-read…or not?


Kathy Andrico


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Yummy Halloween!

Hey, Halloween is just around the corner…like it’s Wednesday and I have a few candy bars left that I haven’t eaten to pass out. I’ve started buying those Mound bars because I hate them. It many not be the trick-or-treaters fav either but if I buy anything else I eat it all and I have to resort to passing out rolls of toilet paper and paper towels on Halloween.

So what is your weakness? What candy do you devour before the beggers get to your door? Is it the Baby Ruth candy bars? The Kit Kats? What about the popcorn balls? I looooove popcorn balls and Snickers. Snickers are the bomb! Do you still remember the houses who gave out the really big candy bars when you were a kid? Who were the rat-finks who didn’t even turn on their lights to give candy.

But giving out candy and goodies is just half of the issue, the other half is the dressing up part. I’m not really into dressing up all that much unless you consider my pink cowboy hat with sparkly tiara and fringe, or my pirate hat or my purple witch hat complete with orange hair.

I remember one year when I was a kid I dressed up like Tom Sawyer. Loved it! Those were the days when you ransacked your parents’ old clothes drawer and made your own costume from stuff around the house. We had a top hat that my dad had gotten from being in the Knights of Columbus and a bridesmaid dress we used for being a princess. Those were great beginnings for Halloween costumes.

Soooo, what about your fav costume? Did you have one you still remember? Did you have to scrounge around for your costume or did you get one of those neat store-bought ones? Have mom make you a really great costume?

Tell me about your Halloween. What candy are you going to steal from your kids stash? What costume do you remember the most from when you went out trick-or-treating?

Happy Halloween!
Dianne Castell

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