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Good Morning!

When I started this it was a lot earlier, but then Karl called and we talked a bit, then I went straight to writing and forgot about the blog.  Not that I have anything terribly exciting to say. 

I have 13 days to finish this book.  Doubts are plaguing me.  Nothing new.  

 I realized a long time ago that most writers share the same fears.  Like will they get another contract, will they meet their deadline, is what they’re writing pure crap, can they get by without taking a shower one more day so they can get more pages done? 

I figure I’m saving a bundle on makeup by being a writer.  I leave the house to go to my monthly meetings, to buy groceries one time in the city (Karl will buy things at the local grocery store when we run out before the end of the month) and if I’m not getting close to a deadline, once to go shopping.  The rest of the time I pretty much stay at home.

When I finish this book we’re going to the coast.  Just pitching a tent and fishing all day.  I really doubt that I’ll smell worse than the fish and if the fish see me, they’ll be on the end of a hook and I doubt they’ll care less whether I have makeup on or not.

But first I need to finish this book so off I go!



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