Hello everyone! I have really missed communicating with all my online buddies! I’ve posted to Facebook now and again, but except for that, I have been MIA. 😦

I am SO happy to know that Spring has arrived. Everyone here in east Tennessee is more than ready to say goodbye to snow and cold. This has been a long winter, and I think we’ll all appreciate the warm weather this year even more than we usually do.

I’ve been “no mail” on all my loops for the last 7 1/2 weeks. That’s how long I’ve had my new knee. You’d be amazed at how well it is doing! My surgeon is wonderful, and my physical therapist is super pleased with my progress.

That’s the good news. The “so so” news is that I’m having the other knee done on March 30. So all prayers are appreciated. The surgery is definitely a challenge. And it is a very humbling experience, because for at least a couple of weeks, you are very dependent on other people.

I had the surgery done with an epidural and light sedation. I woke up once and could hear sawing and hammering! Eek! But they give you relaxing meds, so I wasn’t freaked out.

The day we left the hospital, a snow storm was brewing, but we made it home before things got bad. I had to miss one PT session because of snow, but was able to reschedule. I was on a walker for two weeks and a cane two weeks, and after that – nothing. I’m doing steps like a pro.

The first few weeks I spent a lot of time snoozing. Didn’t even read very much. Shocking! The Olympics did come in handy. I watched many hours of those. Don’t know what I will do this time. 🙂

My daughter graduates from Vandy grad school on May 14, so I will have 6 1/2 weeks to recover. Should work out well, I hope.

My hubby was and is wonderful – so very patient. He even had to learn how to give me shots in the stomach for 10 days. He was not a fan of that, but he did it.

Right before my last surgery, I found out that my Desire book that was going to be “early 2011” had been moved up to September of this year. So I’ve had to do a bunch of edits, etc. in relation to that project. It’s called “The Secret Child and the Cowboy CEO”. I don’t have a cover yet, but I hope to soon. Then in October, I’ll be in a Christmas antho with LuAnn McLane and Susanna Carr. They showed us the cover a long time ago, but LuAnn’s name was spelled wrong! So I won’t post that until they fix it. 🙂

Once I started feeling better, I had to dig into our income taxes. Yuck! Mailed those off on St. Patrick’s Day. A great feeling to get it done.

On March 11 our granddaughter, Anastasia, had her tonsils out. Poor baby, it was really tough. We were down in Knoxville to help out for three days.

I definitely plan to be at the Lori Foster get-together in June, and I look forward to seeing a lot of you!! I may not be up to dancing, but I can’t wait!

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a wonderful Spring.

Janice Maynard

P.S. The flowers are in my backyard…



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So over on twitter, they often have what they call #writechat.

Basically, it’s like a chat room. They were talking about the difference between an author and writer.

One tweet, can’t remember the exact words, but it was that you’re an author once you’re published. Before that, you’re a writer.

This is where opinion is going to come into play, and a lot of it will be personal preference, I think.

Now people can call me an author…and I don’t care. I am, there’s no reason saying other wise.

But if somebody asks me what I do? I’m a writer.

When I sit down to work, I’m writing a story. I’m not authoring. “Authoring”, if you think about, seriously, doesn’t that sound kind of stodgy…pretentious? Um…it certainly doesn’t sound like what I’m doing when I write, IMO. I’m writing, and unless I’m banging a character’s head against a brick wall, I’m having fun. I’m just writing…and I’m a writer.

Here’s the thing… for me, getting hung up on what label somebody applies to me, or any other group of writers, is a waste of time. This is just my opinion, of course. Nobody has to agree. But why worry on the label? There are books to be written. Published, unpublished, there are always books to be written. Published, unpublished, you can always improve your craft. Published, unpublished, you can always seek to improve.

The book matters more than the label… or at least, I think it should…


And in other news… I’ve got a book out… BROKEN

Broken 3.2010


Quinn Rafferty is working as a bounty hunter and bail bondsman in St. Louis when a new neighbor catches his eye. He’s tempted by her beauty—but he knows from experience that anyone desperate enough to live in his building is damaged goods. Besides, he has his own soul to mend before he can worry about anyone else.


Sara Davis is on the run, but not for the usual reasons a woman goes on the lam. She’s not an abused wife, and she’s not a criminal. But she does have a plan for her future. And as much as she finds herself attracted to her gruff, tough neighbor, she can’t risk telling him the secrets she’s hiding. There’s just too much at stake.

Driven to desire…

But Quinn must get closer to Sara when she turns out to be the target of his new missing persons case, and he discovers that there is something more complex and dangerous to her than he thought. Now, both Quinn and Sara will have to expose their true feelings—as well as their fragile hearts—if they hope their love will survive…


He opened the door—

And stopped dead in his tracks as somebody all but fell into his arms. Somebody…a woman. And not Theresa.

He caught her just above her elbows, automatically steadying her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice soft and low.

Then she lifted her face and Quinn found himself gazing into the biggest, brownest eyes he’d ever seen in his life. Feeling a little dazed, he studied her face while she stammered out another apology.

Quinn barely heard it.

He was too busy staring at her mouth. A very pretty mouth, a cupid’s bow mouth slicked with deep, vibrant red. Under his hands, he could feel silken smooth skin and unable to resist, he stroked a thumb along her inner arm.

Her skin was soft, soft and warm. He was also pretty sure she had the creamiest, most flawless skin imaginable. Her shoulder-length hair was a shade caught between blonde and brown, nondescript, but for some reason, he found himself thinking about tangling his fingers in that hair and holding her head still while he kissed that red-slicked mouth.

Well, hello…

read more…

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Shiloh Walker


Image via BN's Website

Enter to win a Nook! Help me spread the word about my upcoming release, BROKEN-due out 3.2.2010. You can get your name entered for a drawing for a Nook, the new ebook reader from Barnes and Noble. You can also enter by preordering the book online or buying the book during release week-during…not before.

For more info on how to enter, as well as no-purchase options, visit my personal blog here



Veil of Shadows

I got the cover for VEIL OF SHADOWS…follow up to THROUGH THE VEIL


Veil of Shadows

From an author known for her “romantic spine tinglers” comes the thrilling follow-up to Through the Veil, featuring a beautiful captain who’s lost her magic—and the stranger who will either be her great love, or her greatest enemy…

With demons running amok throughout the forests and mountains, a rebel army has been established to win back the land—and a new soldier has appeared out of nowhere to join them. His name is Xan, and his past is a mystery to everyone, including Laisyn Caar—a beautiful captain in the rebel army—who is shocked by the powerful, all-consuming desire she feels in his presence. But now isn’t the time for distraction. The future of her land—and of her people—is in her hands. On top of that, she’s been stripped of her magic—and without it she feels like part of her soul has been stolen away.

But when she discovers the dark secrets of Xan’s agenda, it will be up to her to determine whether the man she’s starting to love is a friend of her people—or a dreaded enemy…


I just love that cover. ;o)

Hi everyone.

Hope you all are in warm part of the country and not freeeeeezing your backside off like we are here in Cincy. To add a little heat to your Sunday here’s a look a Lucy Monroe’s new book coming out in Feb. Love the cover! What a story.

Moon Craving Feb 2010 – Berkley Sensation ISBN-13: 978-0425233047 Children of the Moon Book 2 If it were up to him, Talorc—laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack— would never marry. But when the king orders that Talorc wed an Englishwoman, the lone wolf is shocked to find his mate in the strong-willed Abigail. And after an intensely climactic wedding night, the two fiercely independent souls sense an unbreakable bond… Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible. And for his part, he has no intention of telling her about being a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she’s begun to love has deceived her, it will take all of his warrior’s strength—and his wolf’s cunning—to win his wife back. And Talorc will have to face his biggest challenge yet: the vulnerability of a man in love…

No Prince Charming

* * * * *


Her Happy-Ever-After has been a long time coming…

Elle spent years trying to get over her so-called Prince Charming, and she’s finally getting the hang of it. A Grimm—a guardian angel with unique gifts—she spends her nights trolling for demons and kicking ass, and lately, her days have been spent with her on-and-off-again lover, Ren, a fellow Grimm. But fate has other plans in store for Elle, plans that include Michael, the prince from her youth who broke her heart.

“What do you choose…live for her? Or would you rather die?” That was the choice Michael was given all those years ago. Although he knew she’d never forgive him, when Michael was given the chance to become a Grimm, he took it. Still, he isn’t so sure Elle needs him in her life. With a lover at her side and a mission before her, Elle looks like she’s doing just fine without him.

But the not-so-charming prince isn’t going to back off that easily…not if there’s a chance she might need him again. He’d do anything to save her. Kill for her, live for her, die for her…

Product Warnings

This dark, twisted version of Cinderella involves demons, deceit, desire, and debauchery between a princess and two sexy guardian angels, both determined to win the fair Cinderella.

* * * * *


Michael had been born a prince, the youngest son to the King of Geran, a small kingdom tucked between France and Italy.

Geran no longer existed, but Michael had not forgotten the lessons of his youth. He’d been born a prince, and he’d had all the arrogance one would expect.

In all his years there had only been one woman who could ever make him feel like a foolish young boy. All he’d ever wanted to do was please her, love her, protect her.

He had failed.

She was the only woman he’d ever met who could render him utterly silent. The only woman who made him want to forget duty, honor, pride.

The only woman who could push him so far past jealousy, well into murderous rage. He was there now, there, and fighting not to let it show as she stroked a hand down her companion’s arm.

There was an intimacy between them, one that couldn’t be mistaken.

The nights they’d been here, he’d watched them. Now, with her standing so close, and that bastard watching him with an insolent, arrogant smile, the rage inside him bubbled and burned, threatening to tear free.

But the rage wasn’t the worst.

The worst was the pain.

Seeing her with another man, it hurt in ways Michael couldn’t even begin to describe.

Elle turned to face him and for the first time, he got a good look at her clothes. A real good look. The air froze inside his chest. Need burned through him. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he might have swallowed his tongue.

It was a cool night, but he was sweating under the black silk shirt he wore. His palms itched…itched to reach out, cup her hips and draw her close. At the same time, he wanted to pick her up and haul her close, carry her away so nobody else could see her.

Where that bastard standing next to her couldn’t see her, couldn’t touch her, couldn’t kiss her.

She looked like a wet dream come to life.

Her shoulders and arms were bare, as were the mounds of her breasts. Red lace edged the top of the corset, drawing the eye to smooth white flesh. Her waist looked impossibly narrow and her hips flared out, round and perfect. She had a woman’s curves and she’d cradle his body to perfection.

He knew that from experience.

Of course, those experiences were several centuries old. But some things a man never forgot. Some memories never fade.

Like those breasts. Those hips. Those long, leather-encased legs. The silken blonde hair that tumbled down from a tight ponytail, and the big blue eyes that had once looked at him as though he’d hung the moon. The way she’d teased him and made him laugh.

Another memory that didn’t fade? The memory of the pain in her eyes the day she realized who he was. Her stepsister’s fiancé.

Watching her walk away had been the hardest thing he’d ever done in his life. To that point.

Since then, his life had been a study of hard lessons. Watching as another man touched this woman was just the latest lesson.

Living a long, empty life without her. Watching her turn away from him. Running after her only to find her too late. By the time he’d caught up with her she was forever out of his reach—unless he made a choice.

“The day will come when she will need you. The day will come when she will die without you. But it will not be easy. You will spend a great many years alone…you may die saving her and even if you don’t, she may never forgive you. What do you choose…live for her? Or would you rather die?”

That was the choice he’d been given all those years ago by a strange white-haired man who went by the name of Will.

How can she ever need me again? She is dead. I have failed her.”

“Things are rarely as they seem. The woman you love is not dead.”

Michael closed his eyes, banishing the memories. He couldn’t think of that now, not here. Couldn’t think of losing her, couldn’t think of the night he’d come face-to-face with Will. Couldn’t think about how he had plunged a knife into his own chest either. Through death’s door…and back again. That was how one became a Grimm, and if he wanted to be there for Elle he needed to die.

So he’d died. And Will had brought him back.

All in the hope that one day she would need him. Love him. Forgive him.

Forcing his eyes to open, he gazed at her lovely face. This woman did not need him. This woman did not love him. This woman would never forgive him.

If he had known then what he knew now, he wondered if he would’ve made that same choice.

Will had warned him—you will spend a great many years alone.

Yes. Will had warned him. A great many years. More than three hundred to be exact. He hadn’t expected to wait this long.

All these years, he had been waiting for a second chance. All these years, he had waited for her.

Waited—because he’d been told that she would need him. He’d held onto that, because he loved her, because he wanted to believe she would one day forgive him, one day love him again, one day need him.

And now, here she was…so lovely, so beautiful and strong. So out of reach.

He’d been a delusional fool.

She leaned against her lover and smiled at him. A golden brow arched and she said, “What’s the matter, prince? Cat got your tongue?”

He skimmed his gaze over her once more, wishing he could move in and touch. Wishing he could take and taste. Instead, he tucked his hands into his pockets and inclined his head. “Just trying to understand your choice of clothing.”

“Oh, well, now. I can help there.” Elle gave him a devilish smile and leaned in, her voice a low, silken purr. “It’s a sex club. I’m trying to blend.”

Michael didn’t think Elle could ever blend. No matter what she did.

She was close…so close. Closing his eyes, he took a slow, careful breath, flooding his senses with her scent, reveling in the warmth he felt radiating from her.

But then she pulled back. Gone. Her eyes stared at his and she had a blank, bored expression on her face. “So now that you know why I’m pretending to be S&M Barbie, why don’t you get out of here?”

“I can’t.” Inclining his head, he said, “I was sent here. Told to find you, help you.”

“Help me?” She shrugged. “Sorry, Michael, I’ve already got help.” She inclined her head towards her companion and asked, “Ren, have you met Michael?”

“No.” A cold smile curled Ren’s lips and he stroked his jaw. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. Although I’ve heard of you. Quite a bit, actually. But, as you can see, help is already taken care of. Run along now…go crawl back under a rock or something.”

Michael bared his teeth in a grim smile. “I’ll go on along when I’m damn good and ready…what was the name again…Ren?”

The other man opened his mouth to respond and Michael looked away, dismissing him. “He sent me, Elle. You’re stuck with me.”

Elle’s lashes lowered, shielding her blue eyes from him.

But he didn’t need to see her eyes to feel her anger, feel her confusion.

She hid it behind a cool smile just a few seconds later. “I suspected as much. Damn, apparently I went and pissed somebody off but bad, if I got stuck with you.”

Michael managed to hide his wince, but just barely. “I’ll be sure to let him know you didn’t appreciate my presence.”

She didn’t need to ask which him he was talking about—it could only be Will. He was the only one who ever sent them anyway. All orders came through him. For the most part, those who served under Will’s lead didn’t have to follow orders—they knew their responsibilities and they did their jobs.

But every once in a while there came a special case.

Michael didn’t know what was special about this particular job, but if there was a chance in hell that Elle might actually need him, then he’d walk through fire to help her.

And if that meant he’d have to stand by at the side while another man pawed her, so fucking be it. He’d be insane when the job was done, but if she might need him, he didn’t give a damn.

If he was honest, he’d have to admit he’d walk through fire just to see her smile. Burns healed. Doing something that would actually put a real smile on her face? It would be worth a little pain.

He looked at her, itching to press his face against the warm mounds of her breasts. Itching to pull her close and feel her cuddle up against him and stroke his neck the way she used to do.

She was staring at him. Unable to stop himself, he lowered his gaze, rested it on her mouth. That pretty mouth, slicked with wine-red lipstick and curled in a sneer. He looked up and met her eyes.

“Let’s get this done,” she muttered.

Then she turned on her heel and stalked towards the club.

Michael fell in step next to her, ignoring the man on her other side and trying not to stare at her, trying not to growl as he noticed other men doing the same.

And if ya liked…here’s a link where you can buy this book.


Okay, so I want to do something to help raise money for Haiti.

Here’s the thing… I try to do auctions thru ebay sometimes, but that’s not going to work this time… I’ve only got one ARC in the house and it’s already got an owner-just haven’t mailed it out.

ARCs are the best way to generate money on ebay and it will be months before I have another one.

So how about this instead…

  • I can dedicate a book to anybody I want.

And if you’ll help out Haiti, you can get a chance to have your name mentioned in the book’s dedication.


Like this…donate a minimum of $5 to your online disaster relief charity of choice. Please note, this is for disaster relief… while I love the polar bear, the polar bear isn’t affected by the crisis in Haiti. If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out the charities listed at Charity Navigator:

Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake

I love Charity Navigator-I like seeing how much money is actually going to the programs and stuff-the site is awesome for that.

Go to my personal blog to find out more…

Shiloh Walker