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Book Run…

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So… with my trip coming up, I have to make sure I’m stocked up on books. Yes, yes, I’ve got an entire case of books I’m still working on, but that isn’t the point. The point is… I’m going on vacation and I need to make sure I have books…

I’m reading this:

Jennifer sent it to me, it’s out next week-first book is Spider’s Bite-like UF? Try it. Loving these books.

At Waldenbooks, I picked up

I’ve been wanting to read Jill Myles since I saw her bio on twitter, which reads:

I write the Succubus Diaries for Pocket Books. PW says I approach Saturday morning cartoon levels of unsophistication, which means I am AWESOME.

Also got

Which I picked up after reading some of the comments over at Karen’s blog about one of the author, Laura Resnick’s, older titles.

My TBR tower…it begs for mercy. o.O Oh well.



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We’ve all got keepers.  Movies, books, music.

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to revisit some faves-I’ve been re-reading some of my Sherrilyn Kenyon books, and not too long ago, I did the same with the Darkyn books by Lynn Viehl.  I’m also on a Buffy kick-stayed up until 2 am the other day watching the last part of season 5.

I don’t have a lot of ‘keeper’ TV shows, but Buffy is one of them.  Law and Order: SVU is another.  The old showtime series, Robin of Sherwood.   I already know the new Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse, is going to be a keeper.

Now I love House, Charmed and a few others, but I haven’t ever gotten to the point that I have to own them so I can watch them any time.  So they are loved, but not keepers.

Some keeper movies, Independence Day.  The Green Mile. The LOTR trilogy. The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

And then there’s my keeper shelf of books.  Which isn’t just a shelf now.  It’s an entire bookcase and it’s got double rows, one in front, another in the back and some of those are even double stacked now.  I have a lot more keeper books than movies or TV shows.  Of course, some of my fave authors (cough, cough Nora/JD cough, cough) writes almost as fast as a bunny reproduces-or so it seems.  So the Nora books take up a lot of space.  My SL Viehl/Lynn Viehl/Jessica Hall/Gena Hale books take up a lot of space.  My Mercedes Lackey books.

The list goes on…and on…and I plan on just adding more and more.  I love keepers.  🙂 Who do you have on your keeper shelf?


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Oh puh-leeze

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So the reason ebooks are taking off so big is because us women can read our ’salacious’ content in private?

According to this guy…yep.  he says:

Well, once again it seems like porn is blazing a path to a new media format. Of the top 10 bestsellers under the “Multiformat” category, nine are tagged “erotica” amd the last is “dark fantasy”. from the ITworld.com blog

First off…we don’t like it when people call our erotic romance porn.  Most die-hard erotic romance readers will tell ya that if the romance isn’t any good, the book’s not worth reading, no matter how well written, how hot the sex scenes are.  Please note…romance doesn’t equate sex scenes.  Romance is that slow slide into love, or that crazy free fall.  It’s the development of a relationship-the sex is just a bonus, because we need that romance.

If all we needed was porn or salicious content, (and felt the need to hide it) we’d buy playgirl and claim we read it for the articles.

From a romance reader, from a romance writer, from an ebook author, here are some reasons why ebooks are taking off.

  1. More and more people are becoming aware of them.  The gadget on that one little site…uh…oh, yeah, Amazon!  is making more and more readers aware of ebooks.  That Sony doo-dad that is in the Books a Million stores, Borders store, Target…many who were unaware of ebooks are now aware.  Once made aware, they are more likely to check things out, rather than when they didn’t know it existed.
  2. Storage.  I’ve got three tall bookcases crammed full.  One is for research.  One case is for keepers.  One case is my yet to be read.  I can only get so many books on those cases.  And I have no room as of yet for more.  Different story with ebooks.  I can store as many as my heart desires.
  3. Instant gratification.  Say I’m cruising an author site and a title catches my eye.  Now I’m impatient.  I could wait until the next day, the weekend, when I have time to go buy the book.  But if it’s in ebook, no need to wait.  Viola, it’s there.
  4. It is a little more earth-friendly.  No paper.  That simple.
  5. Bookaholics can tote a lot more books on an e-reader than they can in their suitcases.  Instead of taking 10 print books and hoping I don’t wish I had something else, I can take my reader, which has upwards of 75+ books on it at all times.
  6. Availability.  Perhaps the guy that wrote the blog post isn’t aware that many ebooks aren’t available in print.  Books from the smaller independent epubs like Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, Loose Id, Changeling, etc put the books out in ebook form only and the print format doesn’t come along until later.  I’m not inclined to wait for print, not if I really want to read it and it’s only in ebook format.

The only time salacious content comes into play for me is if the cover is so blatantly erotic, I can’t keep it on my shelves-not because I’m ‘embarassed’ or I need ‘privacy’.  I’m protecting my children.  I have three children.  Three young children.  They don’t need to see a book with some chick caught in a nekkid clinch with three guys. So if the cover of the book crosses my limit, but I want to read it, I will then see if it’s in ebook.  It has nothing to do with me needing:

the privacy they offer, both during purchase and when reading.

I’m an adult. I read what I choose. I don’t care what the opinions of others are when it comes to my reading material. I’m the one reading it…not them. If they don’t like my reading material, that’s fine…nobody is making them read it.

Have I gotten knocked for reading romance or erotic romance? Oh yes, but those knocks don’t leave me inclined to ‘hide’ my reading. It only irritates me or amuses me, and my response tends to be…well, what was the last romance you read? Most people can’t answer the question.

So there’s the opinion of a woman who has been reading and writing romance for years. I’ve been epubbed since 2003 (I think) and I’ve been reading ebooks since 2002 (I think). Shame or some need to hide my reading material didn’t figure into my purchasing choices then, and they certainly don’t now.

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Asks Sarah.

I’m kidding…right? Well, no….a woman did go to jail for not returning two books/paying the fine/not appearing in court.

And yep, I’m serious…Go look. A woman checked out White Oleander and Angels & Demons last year. Didn’t return them. And viola…she got arrested because she wouldn’t give them up. I mean, ya know, you can probably find them on the discount table at a Borders or B&N, right? So if they are that important, eh, well I’d want brand new, fresh clean books that were mine all mine.

Okay, so yep, I’ve got books I wouldn’t give up for love or money…although I wouldn’t want to go to jail over them. Basically, she stole these books, right? Libraries are for loaning, not keeping.

Since I paid for my wouldn’t-part-with-books fair and square, or somebody gave them to me, I think I’m safe. But the books I won’t part with?

The list goes something like this:

  1. The Ghost of Opaline by Peggy Bacon (I paid $250 for that sucker, I’m NOT giving it up)
  2. the Stardoc series (for those who are here regularly…SL Viehl…need I say more?)
  3. My Little House on the Prairie series (yep, I’m serious…this is one of the sets that got me hooked on reading)
  4. the IN DEATH series…(JD Robb…need I say more?)
  5. Mercedes Lackey’s Wind Trilogy (I so love Darkwind and Elspeth)
  6. Nora Roberts Irish Jewels trilogy (Nora!!!)
  7. My Jessica Hall books ( Hall is aka SL Viehl…enough said)

I’ve got lots of faves, lots of keepers, but these are the ones with the most prominent spot, so to speak, on my keeper case…*G*… I got an entire bookcase now devoted to keepers, thanks to my DH. I adore him.

These are the books I don’t see me parting with…what about you?

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If you’re interested in winning a gift basket from me filled with Hunter books and other goodies, you can go check out the diabetes auction that Brenda Novak is running.

You can check it out here-and make sure you check out the other items as well.

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