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HelenKay came clean-I need to do the same. Except I look even worse, because I didn’t almost leave without paying…. I did leave without paying for my books at RT.

Now wait…wait…let me explain. Ya see, the lights went out at the bookfair. Those of you who’ve been reading about RT know it was…uh…interesting. Renovation hell, I heard some people didn’t get their books, weirdness abounding. Me, I ended up sick as a dog and had to go the Immediate Care Center when I got home. It was just interesting.

Well around 2:05, the DH and I start gathering things up. He asks me what needs to go to the car and I tell him, making sure to hold onto the nice tote EC gave me. It had all the books I’d picked up from the bookfair for me. Eight or ten of them. I told him I needed to get in line to pay. We were gathering things up, he asked me how it went, blah, blah…blah…and bam. Darkness.

Total darkness. For about two seconds. Then all sorts of people are digging out their cellphones. We’re doing the same.

The only thought in my mind was, That’s it. I’m done. I was having trouble breathing, I had to pee, I missed my kids and all I could think about was getting out there. The fact that I had a huge tote of books on my arm escaped me. I’d been toting stuff around for four days-having a weight on my back just seemed normal.

So yes. I am guilty. I left without paying for books-however, I didn’t plan on that. I’ve already emailed to see who I need to pay for the books. Seriously, my Winona moment was so unintentional-a fluke. An aberration. And I am paying for them-just belatedly.

Hanging head in shame.

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