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The Hunters book

Cross posted from my personal blog…

First off…got the cover for my ebook coming out from EC in Feb.   This is a Hunter’s world story. belonging_msr

An excerpt was posted a few days ago, but if you missed it, here’s the link.

Now…about the Hunter books.  This is one of my more popular series.  I know a lot my readers really enjoy it and I’m so grateful for all the support you have given me.  If it wasn’t for how many people were buying the ebooks, chances are my editor at Berkley wouldn’t have heard about them and decided to check me out…which means I may not be writing for them.

All that support means the world and I thank you.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m going to put a different focus on these books. Hopefully, you’ll continue to support me as I make the change.

Basically, as things stand now, Belonging will be the last Hunter book released in ebook.

Future Hunter books will come out from Berkley. These will be longer books.  The stories will be more in depth and more intense, hopefully they will be as good as the original stories.

Right now, there is a Hunter book coming out in print in 12/09.  There’s another one in the works that will be out in 2010 or early 2011.  I’m not going to be putting them out as often, and I’m sorry but the world is just getting more complicated.  More complicated tends to need a longer length, they require more time.

Again, I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from those who like my Hunters.  I love writing them and I plan on writing much more within that world.

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Somebody told me I needed to get on facebook.

Can’t remember who.  But they need to be punished, and punished severely.  That site is way to addictive, and so much nicer than myspace.

Anyway, so I can at least pretend I’m working while I’m over there, I set up an author page and I’d love it if you would ‘fan’ me.  In effort to make it a little more appealing…I posted a nice long excerpt from FRAGILE in the ‘notes’ section on my author page.  You can check it out here…

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Share the love

Blatantly swiped from Karen’s...

An Open Letter to Romance Readers:

If you are like me, you have a multitude of romance novels sitting on the bookshelf, doing little more than offering fond memories, looking pretty, and gathering dust. As I tried to make room for my newest purchases one day, I thought there had to be a better use for all these wonderful books.

After all, they are not merely love stories and are certainly not rescue fantasies. They are rich narratives of women overcoming conflict, discovering their own power, falling in love, and being rewarded with optimistic, emotionally satisfying endings. And shouldn’t all women enjoy the same treasure of words filled with inspiration and empowerment—or, if nothing else, a pleasant diversion from day to day life?

Of course they should.

Then it occurred to me: why not donate romance novels to women in crisis? Mass-market paperbacks are considered to be inexpensive but are still not in the budget for everyone who might enjoy them. How better to encourage literacy—an incredibly valuable skill that benefits not just women but the families they support—than by providing engaging reading material? Doesn’t everyone deserve the pleasure of a good story with a happy-ending?

With the help of Ann Bleakley, my friend and co-founder, Share The Love was born.

It’s simple: we will collect gently used romance novels and pass them onto non-profit organizations that provide assistance to women in transitional periods of their lives—homeless and domestic violence shelters, prisons and recovery half-way houses—and that help them establish independent lives.

We hope you will join us—one story at a time—in offering encouragement, inspiration, and enjoyment to women.

Thank you,

Maya Rodale
Ann Bleakley

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