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Hugh Grant


One of my fav Christmas movies is Love Actually (a lot of you already know that). I was watching it for the millionth time yesterday and it got me thinking… What do I want for Christmas?

It’s tough when you’ve been around as long as I have. I mean there’s always the sweater or CD or DVD but what would really floats my boat…besides losing ten pounds and suddenly looking like Claudia Schiffer.

And, okay, Hugh Grant floats my boat but that’s not going to happen either. So, what else? Last year I got a subscription to Cooking Light, or was that Eating Light? Something light. I think there was a message there and it did get me to Weight Watchers.

I’d love to have the first three chapters of my next book done but that’s not going to happen either and neither is a cook or maid. I hate to clean, would much rather sit here and blog with you all. J

Jewelry’s nice but I always lose the expensive earring…never the cheap one. And Timex watches are so easy to replace the battery and the expensive ones aren’t. And Peeps are out of the question since I dislocated my jaw on that six-month old stale one.

Sooo, what to ask for for Christmas? 

Got any ideas?

What do YOU want for Christmas??

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