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Getting ready for Christmas?

So are you getting ready for Christmas?

I’m starting to, although most of my work is already done. We decided we were going to do something really big for the kids this year and we’re going to Disneyworld. It’s not until spring, but I’m working out the kinks of how to ‘give’ them the gift they can’t have until March. Sssshhhhh…though, big secret. I’m having so much funny teasing them…lol.

Trying to figure out some cool things for my mom, the kids’ nana and the in laws and I think I might have found it, a photo mosiac. See?

This image doesn’t show just how cool it is, though…to see that, go look here.  And before anybody asks…nope, that’s not me and mine.  😉

So what kind of stuff are you shopping for?

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It’s not been the best week for working around this house.  I’m sick.  Baby bratlet is sick. Other issues that flooded my brain and make thinking near impossible.  So nothing much fun today…just some reminders…

I’ve got a new release out at EC~ you check it out here.

I’m still raising money for CF with Unleash Your Story, which you can check out here.

I’m running a contest for readers on my main blog to help promote THE MISSING, which you can check out here.

Last week we had the power go out, which meant I couldn’t work as much, so I read.  And this week, I’ve been sick…so I’ve read.  I’ve been reading Marjorie M. Liu and Nalini Singh and I’m wondering why I haven’t been gobbling these already…???

It’s put a dent in my reading pile though, which means the dent must be filled.  Got any recommendations? 😉

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