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She’s so very good to me.

We’ve got the cover for BROKEN and it works so very nicely with FRAGILE.


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New Cover Art

And it’s so pretty! Reposted from Shi’s blog…
New cover prettiness…


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Beautiful Girl


This is coming out from Samhain in January… yeah, I know it’s still a few months off, but I wanted to show off the new cover.  It suits the book… very well.

and…. an excerpt!  UNEDITED….  shhhhhh….

The woman at his side, though, didn’t look a damn thing like Deedee Prescott.  Her hair was dark, nearly black.  It was hard to tell with the way she had it braided, but her hair looked straight as a pin, too.  Dee had the most beautiful, amazing blonde curls, curls that looked almost too perfect to be real.  A pale blonde that on most people, he’d say came out of a box, but he knew in detail just how natural a blonde she was. 

Deedee had dressed like the princess she was, wearing cute, flirty clothes that showcased her pinup girl body.The woman walked beside Vance had a weird goth/punk thing going on.  There was a black cord around her neck and Blake caught sight of something silver hanging from it.  The shirt she wore was form fitting, outlining a rather magnificent pair of breasts before disappearing into a pair of loose, almost baggy pants that she kept cinched around her waist with a wide belt. Thick soled boots completed the ensemble.

She looked like she was dressed to fight, Blake realized. Well, maybe not fight.  She didn’t look like she was out cruising for trouble, but she sure as hell looked like she was deal with it if it happened her way.  This dark haired woman carried herself with a tense, wary grace, like she was ready to defend herself or take off running. 

Like she’d had to do both in the past, and she was prepared to do either or both again.

The bell over the door chimed and Vance held the door open.  The woman stepped through and Blake almost turned away.  That wasn’t Deedee.  But then her eyes met his and his heart stopped.

Oh, shit.

Those pretty misty green eyes were unmistakable. He had dreamed about those eyes more times than he cared to remember. But her gaze wasn’t so soft now—hell, with the exception of the breasts straining under the thin cotton of her shirt, nothing about her looked soft.

She wasn’t just dressed to fight.  She was prepared to fight.

He’d been wrong.  That was Deedee, alright, but she’d changed.  The sweet, fun party girl she had been in high school was gone, long dead if the look in her eyes was any indication and the woman in front of him had nothing sweet or fun inside her.Something hard and cold settled inside him as he studied her.

The look in her eyes, unfortunately, wasn’t one he was unfamiliar with.  He knew it all too well.  Prescott was a small town in a small county, but it wasn’t Mayberry.  Bad shit happened here.  The average citizen could overlook it, many were probably unaware of it.  A man working for the sheriff’s office didn’t the luxury of not seeing it though.

The kind of things that caused the hardness he saw in Deedee’s eyes were the kind of things that made him hate his job. That look came from going through hell, kicking and screaming. 

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